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5 Contemporary Storage Solutions for Your Home Office

contemporary home office designsAt Camelot Homes, we know how important it is to have customized space within your home — from a master en suite retreat to a luxurious guest bedroom and high-tech kitchen. This customization also extends to the home office.

As telecommuting continues to grow, more homeowners want a designated room for a home office. But even if you don’t work from home, you may want a special room in the house where you can catch up on bills and personal correspondence. Either way, you will want to maximize this space for functionality and beauty.

Here are five storage solutions for your contemporary home office:

  1. Open Shelving

Forget heavy, traditional bookcases that eat up space and make the room feel closed-in. For a contemporary look, consider open shelving. Open shelving enhances the room’s style but is also practical, making it easy to display and store office items like books and supplies. For a chic and trending look, consider adding live-edge shelving.

  1. Built-ins

Built-ins help maximize the room’s space and offer an array of possibilities. Built-in designs may include open shelves, cabinets, a desktop, or a combination of several different elements. If the room serves as both a home office and the occasional guest room, consider built-ins with doors to make the transition easier when it is occupied by a visitor.

  1. Wall-length Credenza

A custom credenza that stretches the length of one wall in the home office offers a great deal of storage space. Choose a contemporary design with sleek lines to complement the room’s look. A wall-length credenza will also provide a stylish space for lateral storage files, drawers, and cabinets for items of all sizes. The credenza top offers additional work space to lay out projects or to display artwork, framed photos, and books.

  1. Modular Storage Units

Modular units equal versatility and easy customization. This style of storage and display space offers a variety of options, including mixing and matching cube-style cabinets with or without doors, shelving in different lengths, drawers, or even accessorizing with wire or canvas baskets for that perfect nook.

  1. Free-standing Ladder Shelf

Ladder shelves add another sophisticated contemporary look to a home office, while providing an ample amount of storage space. They are ideal for books, binders, collectibles, framed photos, and more. The wide bottom shelf is a great space for a canvas file box or storage cube that complements the room’s color scheme.

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