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5 Design Ideas to Maximize Your Space

Maximize Your Space

Small spaces can be a challenge to decorate. Ranging from around 2,500 square feet to more than 6,000 square feet, Camelot’s luxury homes offer plenty of room for your family to stretch out. Still, even the largest residence may have a guest bedroom or dining area that leaves you strained for space. Here are five clever design tricks to help maximize the cozy nooks and crannies of your Camelot home.

  1. Mirror, Mirror: The oldest trick in the design book, mirrors can fool the eye into thinking a space is larger than it is. We’re not suggesting a return to mirrored walls and doors – that gives a dated look unless you have a dedicated dance room with a ballet barre. Instead, incorporate an elegant wall mirror in a trendy geometric shape. This adds visual interest and increases the visual field while staying on-point with your modern décor.
  2. Seeing Double: Decorating a small guest bedroom can be especially difficult if the room is rarely used. Why waste valuable real estate in your Camelot home with a large queen or king bed when you only have company once or twice per year? If you’re short on space in one bedroom, choose furniture that does double-duty. Install custom-built banquettes that turn into twin beds, like these New York beauties featured in House Beautiful. Purchase a stylish sleeper sofa for the room’s everyday purpose as your “woman cave.” Select coffee tables and end tables that double as seating for a small den.
  3. Let There be Light: Dark colors and dim lighting can make a cozy space seem claustrophobic. Keep the wall color light and airy in smaller bedrooms or seating nooks. You may even want to consider an all-white space with small pops of color for interest. Keep window treatments to a minimum for a clean, crisp look and add attractive incandescent floor lamps for extra lighting.
  4. Set the Vignette: If you’re going to have a multipurpose space – for example, an exercise room that also houses your crafting supplies or a den that doubles as a client meeting space – consider dividing up the areas by purpose. Think of each area as a “vignette,” or scene, to decorate. Separate vignettes with bookshelves and choose a different color scheme for each section of the room. While you don’t have to worry about the restraints of urban apartment living in your spacious Camelot home, Architectural Digest’s small space tips are useful for maximizing space in smaller rooms.
  5. Organize, Organize, Organize: Crazy about shoes? Have a massive selection of dress shirts and ties? Built-in closet organization systems can help organize your wardrobe so everything you wear regularly is within arm’s reach. Similarly, bookshelves with pull-out storage boxes can help keep papers, books or accessories in order. Add shelves or drawers in unused spaces for extra storage, and always think up, not out! Using your wall space from floor-to-ceiling not only adds additional shelving, it also makes the room appear taller.

By incorporating these five design tricks, the cozy spaces inside your Camelot home can be as functional as they are beautiful. Looking to purchase a new property or upgrade your existing Camelot home? Contact us today for more information on our luxury home communities in Phoenix, Scottsdale and Fountain Hills.