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5 Must-Haves in a Modern Luxury Kitchen

modern luxury housesModern luxury houses, like those built by Camelot Homes, include innovative technology, high-end finishes and ample space that allow families to thoroughly enjoy the design and amenities of each room. Since the kitchen is the heart of most homes, it goes without saying that certain elements are required for optimal living.

Here are five must-haves for your kitchen that elevate the design, improve its functionality and make it luxurious:

High-End Appliances

A stainless steel French door refrigerator is nice, but a built-in professional refrigerator takes it to the next level. Every modern luxury kitchen needs a spacious refrigerator with multiple climate zones and smart space. Smart tech, including LED touch screens, are a plus.

Other must-have appliances include a restaurant-quality range top or freestanding range like the various options from Wolf. A wall oven with wireless controls is another luxury item. The latter allows temperature and timer adjustment using a smartphone or other device.

High-Tech Faucet

Faucets with Responsive® Technology from Kohler are a great addition to any kitchen. This technology is so on-trend that your kids may even start helping with the dishes. Smart-tech faucets let you wave your hand, dish, pot or utensil across the sensor to trigger or stop the flow of water. No more dirty, germy faucet handles! Other smart-tech features include Kohler’s Berrysoft™ Spray that offers a gentle cascade of water ideal for cleaning fruits and vegetables.

Warming Drawer

Warming drawers are essential when hosting any dinner party or juggling meal times for multiple family members. With an installed warming drawer, you can keep an individual plate warm or a casserole hot for anyone unable to make meal time. This also helps when you are cooking an elaborate meal with various courses. You can keep some dishes hot as you finish cooking the rest of the meal.

Walk-in Pantry

A walk-in pantry may spark memories of country kitchens from decades ago. However, today’s walk-in pantry is anything but old fashioned. It’s stylish, modern and a luxury must-have for your home. It is also the perfect space for additional cabinets and open shelves to display glassware and colorful dishes. And if you have the space, you can even add a second dishwasher or microwave.

Wine Cellar and Under-Counter Fridge

Companies like Sub-Zero and Miele both offer under-counter wine cellars that can be added to your kitchen’s center island, walk-in pantry or other space, so you can keep favorite vintages chilled and always ready.

An under-counter fridge also is very desirable. This luxury item is usually installed in the center island. This is a great addition for families with kids, so keep it stocked with healthy, kid-friendly snacks and drinks. It also offers additional cold storage when you are entertaining.

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