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6 Simple Ways to Turn Your Bath into a Spa Oasis

Spa Oasis

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of relaxing in a chic hotel spa. Picture yourself lounging in the tub with a perfumed soak, a cooling cucumber mask over your eyes. Everything about the experience is lush and relaxing, from the thick, comfortable towels and robes to the therapeutic scents wafting in the air.

At Camelot, we encourage our buyers to bring the spa experience home. The master bathrooms in our luxury homes in Scottsdale and Phoenix are built with your comfort and convenience in mind. At White Horse, for example, homeowners can enjoy the same comforts you might find at a 5-star hotel or resort spa, from freestanding soaking tubs with separate subway-tiled showers to vanity areas for dressing.

All it takes to elevate your bath to the next level is a little creativity in your décor. Browse below for six simple ways to transform your master bath into a relaxing retreat.

  1. Luxury towels: Trade your tired towels for top-of-the-line bath sheets like this 900-Gram Egyptian Cotton set. Bath towel density is measured in GSM (grams per square meter). The higher the GSM number, the more absorbent and plush the towel. If the towel feels too heavy, move down to a lighter 700-gram version.
  2. Towel warmer: Even in notoriously warm Phoenix, stepping from a hot shower onto cool tile can be bracing. Instead of (or in addition to) radiant heated floors, hang your towels on a warming towel rack. A heated rack can take your plush towels from tame to toasty while you shower!
  3. Rugs: A plush bath mat with memory foam will pamper your feet after each bath or shower. Place mats outside the shower enclosure, bathtub and in front of each sink for ultimate comfort.
  4. Wearables: Hang a pair of soft, comfortable cotton terry robes on hooks within easy reach of your tub and shower. Consider getting them monogrammed for your household, especially if you prefer individually sized robes for yourself and your significant other. Install a small shelf or cubby for matching terry slippers with padded foam soles.
  5. Accessories: Keep a bathing cap and a luxury bath pillow handy for long soaks.
  6. Soaps, salts bubbles and bath bombs, oh my: A high-end spa has everything you need to feel clean and relaxed. Stock your spa oasis with quality bath products crafted without harsh chemical dyes that can stain your beautiful soaking tub. Kiehl’s offers gentle washes for men and women, while Canada’s Bathorium has bath bombs and soaks that won’t stain your tub.

Your master bathroom should be a relaxing place to pamper yourself and recharge after a long day. While we provide the framework for your perfect spa oasis, the details are up to you. With a few simple additions, your master bath can become your favorite room in the house. Contact us today for more information on purchasing or upgrading your Camelot luxury home.