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The Best Outdoor Speakers, Lighting and Electronics for Your Luxury Home

Outdoor Speakers

Many of our luxury homeowners spend time entertaining on their patios, cooking for friends or watching the big game. That’s why having the best outdoor speakers and electronics is crucial. “It’s about bringing your backyard to life,” says Johnathan George, General Manager at iWired in Scottsdale. If you’re looking to elevate your backyard entertaining space, here are our recommendations for outdoor speakers, lighting and electronics for your Camelot home.

Flat-Screens for Desert Dwellers

Televisions are natural gathering places for company. Whether you’re just enjoying the beautiful spring weather solo on your patio or hosting a viewing party with friends to celebrate the premiere of your favorite show, an outdoor television can provide instant entertainment. However, even the best flat-panel model may suffer from sun or dust damage in Arizona weather conditions.

George recommends purchasing a Sunbrite television for outdoor use. “They are very popular on patios,” he says. The company’s Signature Series flat-panels have a 4K UHD anti-glare screen and OptiView™ technology which automatically adjusts for day and nighttime light levels. They’re also water resistant and dustproof, making Sunbrite the logical choice for Arizona outdoor living.

Lighting for Day and Night

Fans and overhead lighting bring extra livability to your backyard patio. Camelot’s luxury builds incorporate backyard lighting into the design and landscaping of your home. However, many homeowners opt to customize their spaces for enhanced outdoor living. Accessorize your patio with modern, commercial-grade Edison string lights for European café flair, or customize your back patio by adding a dramatic outdoor chandelier or hanging pendant fixture. The important thing here is to ensure that any fixtures you add be rated and approved for outdoor use.

Rock Solid Outdoor Speakers

If conversation or relaxation is your goal, an outdoor sound system provides mood music for outdoor activities. Turn up the radio for a casual pool party, or stream classical and ambient tunes for a formal dinner. Backyard speakers come in all shapes and sizes, and can be tailored to fit seamlessly into the environment.

Current trends include lamppost speakers that can be aimed in various directions and camouflaged rock speakers that work well with landscaping and pools. “I like the rock speakers because they’re down at a lower level, so that people in the pool can easily hear them. Plus, there’s less disruption to neighbors,” says George. Homeowners with larger properties may also want to consider an outdoor amplifier, which ensures your music can be heard no matter where guests (or family members) are in your yard.

The backyard of a Camelot home is more than just a beautiful space – many of our buyers consider their backyards an extension of the home. By incorporating durable, high-end electronics, you can make your patio and yard an exciting place to entertain. Contact us today for more information about outdoor electronics and other backyard accessories in your Camelot home, or to purchase a new home that will showcase everything you need for outdoor entertaining.