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What is the Best Way to Plan a Kitchen Renovation?

custom home construction processThe kitchen is the hub of the home where family and friends gather for good cheer and great food. That is why Camelot Homes takes pride in helping homeowners with their kitchen renovation needs.

Whether you are giving your kitchen a facelift, complete overhaul or designing one for a new luxury home, planning is key. Since there are numerous steps in the custom home construction process, it is essential to have a solid plan in place for any kind of kitchen renovation.

So, what is the best way to plan a kitchen renovation?

Here are some key guidelines for success:

Ask Questions, Set Goals

The kitchen should reflect your lifestyle and cooking style, as well as,provide the space needed for meal prep, dining and storage. Every kitchen renovation should begin with the homeowner sitting down and answering several questions. With those answers, it will then be possible to set project goals and establish a budget.

  • Why is this kitchen renovation needed? Is it an aesthetic update or a reordering of the space?
  • Are more cabinets and counter space needed?
  • Do appliances need to be moved for better flow?
  • Do appliances need to be upgraded? Replacing appliances will add to the overall budget.
  • What type of specialty features are desired? Think built-in wine fridge, warming drawers and smart tech.

Prioritize which needs are most important by determining your “must-haves” vs. those items which you would prefer to have but are not absolutely necessary.

To help get some ideas flowing, view pictures of luxury kitchen designs from online sites like HGTV or Houzz . You can also visit This Old House and take its Kitchen Personality Quiz, a great way to determine exactly how your family uses kitchen space.

Consult with an Experienced Designer

An experienced designer will help combine beauty with functionality. Kitchen design experts know exactly how to maximize storage space, create the best flow in the room and make everything come together with just the right combination of materials.

Trust your designer to deliver the luxury kitchen of your dreams while tapping into on-trend details. At Camelot Homes, we have the latest trends in kitchen remodeling for you to explore.

Rely on Professional Contractors

Reliable, professional contractors are essential to the get the job done right. We have all heard stories about renovations gone wrong. This is why Camelot Homes makes the process simple and surprise-free. Whether it’s designing the kitchen of your new luxury home in one of our Camelot communities or remodeling an existing space in your current residence, we ensure your needs and expectations are met.

For more than 45 years, Camelot Homes has been the luxury home builder Valley residents trust for new home construction and quality renovations. Contact us today to create your new kitchen or dream home.