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How Camelot Homes Beat the Heat

A home should be comfortable year-round. That’s why we take the extra time to ensure that our luxury residences will help you beat the heat and keep your family cool during the summer months in Scottsdale and Phoenix.

At Camelot, our luxury homes include energy-efficient technology to help maximize your home’s energy efficiency and keep out heat during warmer months. As 2017 heats up, we’re looking at how your luxury home protects you from the intense summer sun.

Beat the Heat

The cooling features in your Camelot home don’t stop there. Ceiling fans improve air circulation and create a pleasant breeze, and outdoor pools provide a welcome respite on warm summer nights. From modern, energy-efficient cooling technology to state-of-the-art insulation, our luxury homes have everything you need to beat the heat this summer and beyond. For more information on our communities, contact Camelot Homes today.