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How Can I Get My Home Ready for Summer?

prepare your home for summerIn Arizona, we may not deal with the aftermath of a bitter winter, but we still have to get ready for the intense summer heat. At Camelot Homes, we understand that summer offers unique challenges to Arizona homeowners. To prepare your luxury home for summer, planning is key.

Here are a few things you need to do in preparation for summer.

Air Conditioning Check

Our state’s average high in July is 106 degrees Fahrenheit. Having issues with your air conditioning during the hottest days of the year is unimaginable. Late January and February are the ideal time to have your AC unit checked and repaired. That icy blast of cool air will definitely be welcome when you come home after a long round of golf in June.

In the meantime, don’t forget to change the HVAC filters regularly. This helps cut down on dust and allergens entering the home, plus helps with air-flow and energy efficiency.

Landscaping Updates

Now’s the time to think about replacing plants and planning a facelift to your luxury home’s landscaping. New plants will root better in the cooler months before the high temperatures of summer hit. Thinking about adding some native Arizona plants to your landscaping? Check out our tips for landscaping with desert plants.

Window Cleaning

Your luxury home has walls of windows that allow you to enjoy the spectacular scenery, while streaming in abundant natural light. Don’t let dust and dirt mar the view and obscure the light. A thorough cleaning of all windows is a must when preparing a home for the summer. Both exterior and interior windows should be done at least once a year, with late winter an ideal time for Arizona homeowners.

When scheduling your window cleaning, take the time to walk around and check each window screen as well, repairing and replacing any as needed.

Seasonal Décor

A summer-ready home also applies to décor, including both interior and outdoor living spaces. December through mid-March is ideal for elements like soft, faux fur throws and brocade fabrics in jewel tones. But for spring and summer months, think lighter choices in both colors and materials. Go for simple cotton throws across a chair or couch and linen pillows in summer hues like melon and lemon for the deck furniture. Also add crisp, white bath towels and new lightweight bedding to the guest rooms.

Thinking about remodeling your luxury home before the summer or updating your backyard, kitchen or foyer? Contact us today at Camelot Homes and we will make your dream home a reality.