Craft a Memorable Mother's Day at Your Luxury Custom Home

How to Craft a Memorable Mother’s Day at Home

As a family-run, luxury custom home builder, Mother’s Day is an important holiday for our company. We like to celebrate at home to avoid the crowds, try a new recipe, and cater the menu to mom’s taste. Not to mention, crafting something with your hands is often a way to show love. This Mother’s Day, we were inspired by Arizona’s Mexican roots.   

To celebrate, whip together breakfast, a specialty drink, add touches of themed décor, a heartfelt card, and a thoughtful gift, to make it a holiday she will remember for years to come.  


The Menu


We’ve pulled together some recipes you won’t find at a normal brunch spot. Mom will love trying something new.

Refreshments and Coffee

Save the drip coffee for a normal weekday and treat mom to something special. This Mexican mocha recipe features Mexican chocolate, coconut milk, coffee, cinnamon, vanilla bean, and a pinch of cayenne.  

 If you think mom would prefer something more refreshing, consider Mexican-staple hibiscus tea or an easy-to-prepare aguas frescas 

Crepas de Cajeta

In 1860, French forces invaded Mexico and while the invasion did not last, some French practices did make their way into Mexican cuisine. The Mexican crêpe, or crepa, is one example. Crepas de cajeta are often prepared as a dessert, but we think they make the perfect breakfast dish. Pair these crepes with a goat’s milk caramel sauce and toasted pecans, then garnish with fresh raspberries for a decadent breakfast for your mom to enjoy in her luxury custom home.  

Masa Biscuits

These easy-to-prepare biscuits are perfect to get the kids involved. Make them even more exciting by adding this ancho chili and pepper jam 

Spicy Peach and Avocado Salad

Serve up a side salad that is equal parts exciting and refreshing. This salad features ingredients like peach, avocado, lime juice, mint, honey, and Fresno chili.  


Presentation + Decor 


With the menu set, it is time to bring the theme full-circle. Use Mexican textiles and pottery to decorate the table. Drape vibrant colored textiles over your dining room or patio chairs and pair them with matching placemats in bold patterns. Hand painted, traditional pottery will add a unique and rustic look at your table. Bring your center piece to life by selecting mini succulents and planting them in a colorful Mexican Talavera pot. The best part, these touches can be used all season long.

The Gift 


For a gift that will also enhance your Mother’s Day brunch presentation, select these neutral ceramic plates. Made by a local artisan, the subtle lace imprint offers the perfect vehicle to let the colors of your décor pop. It’s a gift that will remind her of the day year-round.  

If you want to go more traditional, locally-owned Camelback Flower Shop offers beautifully arranged flowers and gift boxes that include items like candles and tea. 

For the beauty-minded mom, select this desert-garden scented skin tonic that will refresh and cool down this summer.  

We hope you enjoy celebrating Mother’s Day at your favorite spot: home. If you’re looking for a new place to plant your roots, consider building a luxury custom home with us. We’d love to work with your family