Celebrate National BBQ Month In Your Camelot Homes Outdoor Space

National BBQ Month Is The Perfect Time To Style The Outdoor Space Of Your Camelot Home

Celebrate National BBQ Month In Your Camelot Homes Outdoor Space

Outdoor living is a popular trend that allows the indoor and outdoor spaces of your home to flow together seamlessly. When you embrace your outdoor spaces as if they were an extension of your indoor living spaces, you will create an oasis perfect for entertaining and relaxing. Camelot Homes designs their custom luxury homes with outdoor living in mind.  

Not that you ever need an excuse to throw a party, but National BBQ Month is a great motivator to brush off the BBQ and revamp your backyard. Find out how to elevate your outdoor space and throw the best BBQ of the summer.    


Plan The Event 


It’s All About The Food
It’s no secret that people come for the food, so let the meal take center stage. Plan out your menu in advance and ensure any dietary restrictions are accounted for.  

Tasty and elegant does not have to translate into time consuming, especially when you are cooking on the grill. Once you decide on the meat and veggies you want to prepare, the next step is the marinade. Get creative and craft a marinade customized to your preferences.  

Select a couple appetizers that can be prepared ahead of time and plan to have them out when guests arrive. Since guests will be mingling, ensure all snacks can be easily enjoyed while moving about your outdoor space.  


The BBQ Theme
To fully celebrate National BBQ Month, make it the theme of your event. Create a BBQ sauce competition by encouraging guests to bring a homemade BBQ sauce and let attendees vote on the best one. If your guest list doesn’t include the kitchen-savvy types, you can prepare a variety of BBQ sauces for your guests to enjoy.   


Put the Bar in Barbeque 
If your custom Camelot Home does not have a built-in outdoor bar, set up a patio bar. Select a variety of glassware all in the same color and pair it with a tablecloth in a complementary color. Place two matching beverage buckets full of ice at either end of the bar. Stock one with white and rosé wines and the other with craft beer. Take advantage of seasonal fruit to prepare a delicious juice. Use a beverage dispenser full of frozen grapes to keep the juice cold without being watered down. Set up a variety of spirits next to the container so guests can create their perfect mixture.    


Set The Space


Make it Comfortable
Turning your outdoor space into an entertaining oasis begins with furniture. Select pieces that look like they belong indoors but have all-weather durability features for maintenance and longevity. Based on your space, select from couches, accent chairs, daybeds, and hanging chairs.  


Pops of Color 
Don’t be afraid of color. Select a natural, deep hue for your base, like a rich jewel tone that matches the aesthetics of your landscape. The neutral base color will allow you to creatively mix bright colors and bold patterns as accents. Find a cohesive balance that ties the space together and creates the ideal vibe you’re looking for.  


Bring the technology
Start with the sound. Bluetooth speakers give you the opportunity to have excellent sound quality outside. There are many speaker variations that will blend into your landscape. The best part? Many can be controlled through your smartphone. Add Smart LED lightbulbs to fixtures throughout to customize the ambiance and find the perfect lighting to fit your space.   


Add Fire 
Even in the dead of summer, a fire feature can create a focal point and natural gathering space in your backyard. With countless size, design, color, and material options you can find the right addition to your space. To select a fire feature that elevates your outdoor space focus on finding the material that will compliment your color scheme. Stone and copper pair nicely with a desert landscape and a natural color palette.    


With these simple tips, your outdoor space will transform into a relaxing center for entertaining. If you are searching for a new home that emphasizes the outdoor living experience, look no further. Camelot Homes offers designs catered to outdoor living. Explore our communities to find your dream home.