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Choosing the Perfect Wall Color

It took decades for luxury homebuyers to go beyond beige. While yellow, avocado, and burnt orange dominated even the most upscale homes throughout the late 1960s and ‘70s, those hues fell out of fashion with flocked wallpaper. Green and ochre were replaced by pleasant neutrals. Beige walls were found in nearly every new home, and real estate experts recommended that sellers repaint walls beige before putting their homes on the market.

In recent years, the trend has shifted to grey tones. Consumer Reports showed that homes with light or dove grey living spaces fetch a premium of $1,104, while HGTV star Hilary Farr loves Behr’s misty grey Contemplation 700E-3 shade.

Camelot homes feature neutral tones in our newest luxury gated communities at Adero Villas, White Horse and The Estates at Lane’s End.

If you’re unsure where to start, check out this wall color guide to ensure you’ll love your new luxury home from floor to ceiling.