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Christmas Decorating Tips for Luxury Custom Homes

Luxury Custom HomesAt Camelot Homes, we love the Christmas season. It is a great time for family and friends to gather and enjoy quality time. It is especially fun for guests visiting from out of town who are escaping cold winter weather and enjoying Arizona’s mild temperatures.

But Christmastime in the Sonoran Desert calls for a merry touch with unique trimmings. Fortunately, luxury custom homes are designed to provide welcoming spaces that are perfect for holiday decorating.

Here are some festive Christmas decorating tips to inspire you.

Snow Days

Though the chances of a white Christmas in the Valley are slim, you can still bring that wintery look into your luxury custom home. Start by choosing an all-white color palette and pulling it through your living space. Layering decorations adds visual interest. For example, in your formal dining room, you can hang oversized white snowflakes over the table. Consider also adding tall white candles to fill the vertical space in between. You can also create a stunning centerpiece by grouping faux succulents dusted in a mix of white and silver glitter and displayed in simple white ceramic pots. This will be an easy way to instill a white, sparkling theme throughout your home.

Decorative Snacks

When you are decorating your luxury home, don’t forget the kitchen! After all, it’s the heart of your home, and it deserves some special attention. Why not bring a small Christmas tree into the kitchen and decorate it with edible ornaments? Garlands of popcorn, gumdrops and cranberries makes a colorful and tasty addition to your custom kitchen. This kitchen tree from House Beautiful will spark your creativity.

Bring the Outside In

The fresh look and scent of natural greenery is an ideal way to add holiday cheer to your luxury custom home’s ambiance. You might want to use olive branches as garland; not only does this tree grow here in the Valley, but its foliage has symbolic meaning connected to Christmas as well. You can twine thick, green garland around staircase railings and along fireplace mantels for visual appeal. Wreaths offer another beautiful option. Hang them in unusual places, like bookcases and on chair backs. You can also add two wreaths, one above the other, for added impact on your front door.

Use these decorating tips to make the holidays special in your luxury home. Your out-of-town guests and family will be rethinking celebrating in the snow and opt for holiday festivities in the sun.

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