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Creating the Perfect Children’s Playroom

must-haves for your kids in a luxury homeThe perfect playroom will inspire and engage your children’s imagination and creativity. It is their special, magical place. At Camelot Homes, we understand that the ideal playroom will effortlessly combine your home’s design aesthetic with the must-haves of your youngest family members.

Here are a few tips for creating an idyllic playroom your children will love:

Room for Physical Activity

One of the top must-haves for your children in a luxury home is the space for physical activity. A great playroom has room for children to stretch their legs, jump, dance, and even climb.

Consider creating an indoor climbing wall for the children’s playroom to encourage daily physical activity. Climbing engages multiple muscle groups and even encourages problem-solving skills. Plus, it’s really fun! Children’s indoor climbing walls can be designed to fit a variety of spaces, abilities and age levels.

Place to Perform

Let your children’s inner star shine bright. A stage area complete with curtain and microphone are fun options for any playroom. Consider installing a slightly raised platform to give it the feel of a stage. Complement with a curtain that is easy to pull open and closed, which will add to the overall theatrical effect. And don’t forget to add storage for costumes. A decorative chest that doubles as a cushioned seat works great for storing costumes and dress-up items.

Children’s Art Gallery

Designate one wall of the children’s playroom as a gallery. Paint it a neutral white or cream and hang colorful frames (no glass needed) on this wall. When your children have new artwork complete, simply slip it behind the frame for display.

A chalkboard wall is another great way to allow children to express their creativity. It can also serve as a canvas that can be wiped clean quickly when it’s time to create a new masterpiece. Child-size easels, tables and chairs are must haves for working on art projects and crafts. Add accessible furniture for children that is their size, and easy and comfortable to use.

Reading and Quiet Spot

A book nook for reading and quiet time is a must-have for every children’s playroom. Built-in bookshelves can be space savers and add to the overall beauty of your luxury home. Moreover, a plush rug and multiple soft cushions can be used to designate this area as a special quiet zone just for reading and having quiet time.

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