Delight in the Details: Insight from a Luxury Home Designer. | Camelot Homes

Delight in the Details: Insight from a Luxury Home Designer.

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Get a Behind the Scenes look at the ways Camelot Homes helps you design your dream home

The Camelot Design Studio has turned the visions of creative homeowners into the most stunning living spaces in the Valley. Our team of specialized designers are equipped with extensive knowledge about your community. Each home is created with all elements considered, from indoor-outdoor flow to selecting materials that integrate with the house as a whole. This level of detailed consideration is a Camelot hallmark, and nowhere is it more evident than in the Design Studio.

Get a peak behind the curtain of the process, and discover the secrets, tips and tricks of Design Studio Manager, Leslie Walker.

Once a homeowner has purchased a property from Camelot Homes, what happens next?

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Leslie Walker: The personalization process begins right away. If you have purchased a home that has yet to be constructed, there’s a lot of decision-making freedom: you have the opportunity to choose everything from floor coverings and counter tops to hardware and electrical options. If you’ve purchased a pre-constructed home, there are still plenty of customizable options, and our design team is happy to walk with you through each step to make sure you get what you want out of your new home.

What’s a design element that never fails to excite?

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LW: Feature walls are a big one. Whether it’s a dramatic stone wall in the great room or a stylish backsplash in the kitchen, statement pieces like these provide an impressive focal point and tend to attract lots of attention and admiration from your guests.

How does the Design Studio translate a vision into the ideal luxury home?

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LW: Most homeowners have a solid idea of what their design style is, be it traditional, modern or transitional. It’s great to have a good grasp on your vision as a whole, knowing how you want your home to serve you and feel. However, when it comes to the nuts and bolts of the more minute decisions, it can be harder to know what you want. That’s where the Design Studio comes in. By listening carefully to what you are attracted to having in your home and why, we help you prioritize your wish list and make design choices based on what will make the largest and most gratifying impact.

What details get overlooked but matter greatly when designing a cohesive home?

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LW: Window coverings and drapery. Outside their function of providing shade or diffusing light, they add charm, elegance and sophistication. The texture and folds of fabric also work to soften the ambiance in hard-lined spaces. They have the ability to tie the whole home together, but don’t often get the recognition they deserve.

What’s the secret to the most successful Camelot Homes projects?

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LW: Having the capability to turn any dream into a reality without sacrificing build time. We combine superior locations across the Valley with the most cutting-edge techniques in home designs. By integrating the indoors with the outdoors, focusing on the “wow” factor and enhancing the livability of a beautiful space, we create homes that get hearts racing.

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