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Four Colorful Spring Garden Ideas

spring garden ideasArizona’s picturesque landscape is ideal for enjoying spring in your luxury Camelot Home. Our homes have extensive outdoor living spaces that are perfect for rest and relaxation. This spring, create an idyllic garden outside your home to reflect your personal style. Choose an array of colors in your design to brighten your day.

Here are four spring garden ideas that are certain to add flair:

  1. Bespoke Art

Bespoke art is a great way to spruce up your luxury home garden and will add color to the desert landscape. Handcrafted garden artwork can also work as a focal piece. From metal sculptures to ceramics and water features, the possibilities are endless.

  1. Flowering Plants

Despite the desert heat, flowering plants are a beautiful way to enhance the look and feel of your garden. According to a guide by the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension, there are several flowering plants that are ideal for this region, and that come in an array of colors.

Consider the African daisy, which produces orange and yellow flowers, doesn’t require much water, and can sustain full sun.

Another colorful option is Bigelow’s purple aster. Don’t let the name fool you, its flowers are actually blue. It does require moderate water, but like the African daisy, it enjoys full sun.

The desert marigold has gorgeous yellow flowers and is also ideal for Arizona since it can take the heat and doesn’t need very much water.

The pink blooms of the evening primrose are another great choice. You can also contrast the pinks of the primrose with the flowers of the gaillardia, which are an array of red, orange and yellow. This beauty needs minimal water and lots of sun.

  1. Trellis and Planters

Forget choosing trellis and planter colors to blend into the landscape. Instead, opt for a trellis in an aquamarine blue to contrast with the gaillardias and primroses. Use multi-colored planters to showcase your favorite succulents like desert rose echeveria, which tend to thrive when potted. Other good options for a colorful planter are aloe vera and mini sempervivum for smaller, decorative pots.

  1. Seating

All gardens can benefit from a well-placed seat or bench—an essential accessory that can provide a pop of color and be used as a contemplative place to enjoy nature. Consider options like a ceramic garden stool in cool blue to accent the greens and blooms, a whimsical wicker pouff in sunflower yellow, or even a hammock swing with a bright cushion set.

Garden seating should be distinct and separate from patio and deck seating. Choose something that is aesthetically pleasing and functional like the hammock swing, which is ideal for a relaxing afternoon nap or to reading a good book.

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