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Home Remodeling to Maximize Your Walk-In Closet

Home RemodelingWhen your clothes, shoes and accessories are more like art than everyday essentials, an elegant yet functional walk-in closet design is a must. At Camelot Homes, our home remodeling experts can help elevate your closet space into something that is both stylish and functional.

Here are several tips to maximize your walk-in closet:

Closet Shape Matters

A straight walk-in closet with shelves, drawers and racks on either side is ideal for a smaller space and works beautifully when setting up his-and-hers shared storage. The U-shape closet requires more square footage but offers three walls for maximum storage, plus room for a seat in the middle. The L-shape walk-in closet only offers two walls for built-ins, but it does provide the most space for a dressing bench or a center island to hold accessories.

Organized Accessories

If you own an enviable collection of accessories, you may think the best storage solution is to hang items like belts, purses, neckties and necklaces from hooks. But this actually takes up more space than installing a set of drawers or stacked compartments specifically for accessories. These storage drawers keep jewelry from getting tangled and ties from wrinkling. Organizing accessories in a closed compartment or drawers also keeps dust from accumulating.

Use Corners

Just like in the kitchen, you have to get a little creative with the corner cabinets to maximize space. Many cabinet designs for kitchens include a rotating carousel to make the most of that awkward area. You can do this with your walk-in closet as well. HGTV recommends adding a corner carousel that rotates 360-degrees to allow for easy access to hanging items and to efficiently utilize that typically hard-to-use space.

Floor-to-Ceiling Shelves

Plan to store seasonal items on the topmost shelves and rotate as needed. There is no reason not to take advantage of every square inch in your walk-in closet, even if it means using a step stool a few times each year.

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