Transform the Courtyard of your Camelot home into the Perfect Entertaining Space

Host a Memorable Courtyard Party in Your Camelot Home

Put together a versatile and memorable courtyard party in the comfort of your Camelot home.

Whether you’re looking for an excuse to meet the new neighbors, get together with family and friends, or show off your Camelot home, you can’t go wrong with an outdoor party hosted from the comfort of your courtyard.

A courtyard party is one of the most versatile parties a homeowner can throw. With a few tweaks, your event can go from fun and casual to elegant and sophisticated, and if weather ever creates an issue you can move indoors without skipping a beat. A few touches to both indoor and outdoor areas can make the transition easy on you and your guests.


Integrate Decorations

No matter what mood you’re aiming for, simplicity is key. Display tealights and votives across all tables. Hang strands of outdoor LED lights across the width of the walls to create an intimate setting. For a colorful approach, tent the lights with paper lanterns that will cast patterns and colors across the walls of the courtyard.

Decorate the space with items that are unique to you and your home. Tie in some of the desert aesthetic with a full-scale replica of a saguaro cactus to light up the night and compliment the nature that lies outside your Camelot home.

If there’s reason to think your party might end up indoors, decorate each room that leads off the courtyard to match the exterior. Votives and tealights can easily be placed in various spots throughout your home and shorter strands of lights can be draped on indoor plants and on key pieces of furniture. Like moths to a flame, your guests are sure to flock to the designated party area.


Get the Party (Food) Rolling!

Whether you’re serving adult beverages or aiming to keep things family-friendly, refreshments and appetizers can be prepared in a snap. Keep things simple by investing in a drink cart or two. Carts can easily be decorated with elements matching your theme to create a cohesive aesthetic and they add a unique flair to the setting. Keep your beverages ready to serve— and ready to follow your guests. Assign a family member or close friend the role of designated cart driver. Have them roam the courtyard (or inside rooms), offering guests drinks or refills. Depending on the number of guests, consider having several carts on hand: one to serve adult drinks, one to serve sparkling water and other refreshments, and another to serve appetizers, napkins, or any other utensils necessary.


21st Century Entertainment

Indoors or outdoors, fun games and ice-breakers will surely win over your guests. Everyone is bound to have their phones on them, so why not take advantage of it?

Set up a photo booth. Designate a couple of well-lit areas for guests to snap photos and create a backdrop to fit your party theme. All of your guests will have a beautiful view of the night sky from the courtyard of your Camelot home. Entice guests to learn something new while enjoying the view with an app that will help navigate the starry sky.

Are your guests acting shy? Get them to interact with a game of charades or trivia via an app. Motivate them to participate by awarding the winning team a gift basket. Create an atmosphere everyone can enjoy by asking for song suggestions to be included in a playlist that will follow the party inside and out.

Whatever the weather brings, your courtyard party is sure to be hassle free and a great opportunity to showcase your own unique lifestyle and taste.


If you’re in search of a perfect luxury home to compliment your next party, contact Camelot Homes today to schedule a tour.