Is your luxury home ready for a remodel? Answer these five questions to find out. | Camelot Homes

Is your luxury home ready for a remodel? Answer these five questions to find out.


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Your life has changed. Has your home? See what goes into a luxury remodel.

You’ve returned home after a long, busy day. As you enter the house, you take your first, real, deep breath. A wave of comfort washes over you; any tension that’s followed you home gets left at the door. Everything about this house feels like it was made with your well-being in mind, from the natural light to the open spaces. You greet your spouse, and settle into the perfectly appointed living room for a relaxing night of home-cooked food and your favorite shows.

Has it been a while since you’ve felt this way about your house?

As luxury homebuilders with three generations of experience, we know better than most how important it is for you to be absolutely at one with your surroundings. If you’re feeling out of sync in a place you spend a large percentage of your life, it may be time to give your home a luxurious update.

Here are four questions you need to consider when you’re thinking about remodeling your home.

1. What’s changed since you first moved in?

Living Room Remodel

What your family needs from a house shifts over the years.

If you moved in with diaper bags over your shoulder but now have a household of young adults, turning a nursery into an in-home entertainment center is a great way to encourage quality time. If you and your spouse have become empty- nesters, reimagine your space by turning old bedrooms into a refined home office or that deluxe walk-in wardrobe you’ve always dreamed of.

Renovating offers the opportunity to reassess your priorities with an open mind.

2. Do you have a vision for your renovation?

Get excited: this is the fun part. Now’s the time to flip through magazines, create remodel inspiration Pinterest boards and scroll through #interiordesign and #luxuryrenovation hashtags. Get really clear on how your space can serve you, on what will provoke those sighs of contentment each time you walk through the threshold.

3. What are your motivations for remodeling?

Kitchen Remodel

While renovations can bolster the dollar value of your house, design decisions shouldn’t entirely revolve around what you think will garner the highest offer. You’ll want your home to feel tailored to you while you’re living there. Be as motivated by improving the home’s intrinsic value to you and your family as you are by what you’ll get if you put it on the market.

That being said, here are some home upgrades to consider that can increase the resale value of your home while allowing your design dreams to remain intact.

4. In the meantime, where will you be?

Once the renovation is underway, you’re not going to want to live in the disarray of drywall coming down and flooring being laid. Make sure you plan your renovation with the consideration that you will need to find a place to reside for a little while. Many people consider this a great time to take an extended staycation at the hotels and resorts they’ve had their eyes on. It’s hard to feel stressed about a home renovation project when you’re being pampered by the pool.

5. How should you choose a contractor?

Patio Remodel

This is the most crucial part of the whole remodeling process. When it comes to who will administer your home’s facelift, your choice should be highly referred, with outstanding credentials. Certifications and professional designations are a plus. They should be able to provide you with references for similar luxury-home projects.

What you’re really looking for is a good service provider, so prioritize companies that exceed expectations while maintaining a history of getting home improvements done on time and within budget.
Renovating a home is an exciting and fulfilling experience as long as you’re partnered with a team who knows how to interpret your vision. Our Remodeling Service creates beautiful renovations not only for Camelot Homes’ communities, but for homeowners across the Valley. If you’re ready to realize your redesign, reach out to Cammie and she’ll help you get started.