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How Luxury Homes are Incorporating Hotel Lighting Trends

In recent years, boutique hotels have inspired luxury homeowners to infuse their décor with resort-worthy accents – for example, crisp white hotel linens, minimalist color palettes and spa-style bathrooms. Today’s hotels and resorts are also constantly experimenting with lighting options. Practical table lamps and bland towers are being eclipsed by chic chandeliers.

The lighting at Camelot’s luxury homes in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and Phoenix is in keeping with the modern elegance of the world’s finest resorts. Interior lighting options are chosen not only for their practicality, but also for their beauty. Today, we’re looking at four hotel lighting trends currently influencing luxury home design.

Lighting Trends


Hanging fixtures can be the centerpiece of a room. Today’s chandeliers are bold, modern and classic, with the ability to “pop” or blend into the décor. Look for geometric shapes and large, attention-getting pieces such as the draped-leaf chandeliers pictured in our Bocara model home.

Lighting Trends

Squirrel Cages

Heavy, rustic cage chandeliers and fixtures that resemble metal piping have shown up in L.A. and New York hotels that follow an industrial design aesthetic. For an easier fix, replace standard light bulbs with vintage style Edison or “squirrel cage” bulbs. These lend a warehouse-chic touch without compromising the classic look of your home’s luxury fixtures.

Lighting Trends

Practical Pendants

Far from the chain-held lanterns of the ‘70s, today’s pendants are sleek, refined and unobtrusive. Look for natural glass, brushed metals and clean lines. While they are most often found in kitchens, pendants are versatile enough to be used in luxury spa bathrooms, studies and guest bedrooms.

Lighting Trends

Outdoor Strands

Valley homeowners embrace outdoor living, so it’s no surprise that the light strands found at event venues like New York’s Refinery Hotel have made their way into Valley backyards. Cover your patio with high-end string lights to set the mood for company, or go bigger and broader by having them installed in your pool area.

Luxury hotels offer more than just an escape from the everyday. Newly built mega-hotels such as the posh Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills and 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge are the “it” thing because they seamlessly mesh modern design trends with classic decor. They’re trendsetters for the resort and luxury home industries. By incorporating hotel lighting into your luxury home, you can make your personal surroundings feel like a permanent vacation. For more details on Camelot’s luxury homes, contact us today.