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Simple Ways to Turn Your Backyard into a Luxury Oasis

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of slipping away to your backyard for a little relaxation after a long day at work. Picture yourself lounging by the fire pit with a glass of wine and your favorite TV show on the outdoor flat screen. Everything from the plush patio furniture to the soft sound of water trickling nearby exudes comfort and tranquility.

At Camelot Homes, we encourage our buyers to turn their backyards into a place they can go to unwind from the day. One where they choose to spend time reflecting, relaxing, and spending time with loved ones.

All it takes to elevate your backyard to the next level is a little creativity in your features. Browse below for five simple ways to transform your backyard into your very own luxury oasis.

Install a Fire Pit

Luxury Oasis

Fire pits bring people together. It’s a place where friends gather to catch up, families make s’mores together, and couples cuddle up close. The crackling sound also makes for a relaxing background noise for any occasion.

Mimic a Resort Pool

You’ll never want to leave home again when you have a backyard that’s just as relaxing as the five star resort pools in Scottsdale. Spend your weekends sunbathing in your lounge chair with a frozen drink in one hand and your favorite magazine in the other.

Incorporate a Water Feature

Do you enjoy the gentle, soothing sound of water trickling out of a low flowing fountain? Consider incorporating a built-in or stand-alone water feature in your backyard. Not only do fountains bring about peace and tranquility, they also provide style and luxury design to your space.

Hang Some Lights

Strands of lights can really add to the ambience of an outdoor space. Accessorize your patio with modern, commercial-grade Edison string lights for European café flair, or customize your back patio by adding a dramatic outdoor chandelier or hanging pendant fixture.

Add Plenty of Greenery

Luxury Oasis

When you live in the Phoenix area, surrounding your outdoor space with plants is a must. Not only do trees and bushes provide privacy, but they also provide shade. Consider also planting some native flowers to give your backyard some added color.

At Camelot, we understand that luxury living doesn’t end at the back door. That’s why our homes are built with outdoor spaces perfect for creating your very own luxury backyard oasis. Call us at 480-367-4300 today or visit our website to learn more about our luxury home communities in the Phoenix metro area.