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Tasteful Holiday Décor for Your Luxury Home

The holidays are a prime time for showcasing the beauty of your luxury home. The decorations come out of storage and the good china is set on the table. Christmas trees imbue your living room with the scent of fresh pine, and twinkling lights cast a warm glow over the hearth.

If you’ve already settled in and love the look of your home, you may be concerned about how traditional holiday decorations will fit in. Rest assured your Camelot home will maintain its natural beauty with the help of our holiday décor suggestions. We’ve curated a sample of joyous seasonal decorating ideas that are as elegant as they are festive.

Clear & Classy

Some of the best holiday décor for luxury homes is subtle and can be reused throughout the year. Take a cue from the festive feel of champagne glasses and incorporate holiday items in clear apothecary jars or containers on your table. In this example, holiday table runners with a subtle winter snowflake are the perfect backdrop for a clear container filled with colorful striped candy canes. Clear bottles with white taper candles are a modern and fun alternative to crystal holders.

Champagne on Ice

While red and green may be traditional, a holiday palette of ice blue, silver and champagne keeps winter décor tasteful and elegant. Switch to Dupioni silk curtains in these shades for your next holiday gathering, or consider antiqued silver ornaments and silky blue bows on your tree. Remember that what’s under your evergreen is just as important: Have presents gift-wrapped in shimmery paper to coordinate with your décor colors for a more cohesive look.

Warm Up with Light

Whether you’re decorating for autumn or winter holidays, the lighting you choose makes a big difference. Soft, amber lighting can accentuate the warmth of your Camelot home. Try replacing bulbs with dimmable amber lights or trendy Edison lights. Candles and lanterns placed on or around the dining table provide a soft glow that complements the coziness of a holiday meal. Well-crafted, realistic battery-operated versions can be substituted if you have small children or pets.

Think Natural and Go Green

Natural wood accents lend a rustic quality to any indoor or outdoor holiday space. Pair wood accents and craft paper packages with live holiday greenery or high-quality artificial evergreen plants. Garlands, wreaths and other greenery help add holiday cheer to a space without disturbing the existing décor. Keep other green accents subtle, such as sprigs of holly or pine tucked into shelves or placed near table settings.

From Thanksgiving to winter holidays, and through the New Year, many Camelot homeowners welcome visiting friends and family. Whether you’re hosting a holiday meal for your extended family or spending quality time at home with your nearest and dearest, our décor suggestions will make your Camelot home an inviting place throughout the season.

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