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Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Custom Home Builder

custom home building processThe custom home building process offers the opportunity to work directly with a designer and building team to create your dream home. Choosing to build a custom home means making several important decisions and asking the right questions. Whether you are an Arizona resident or relocating, Camelot Homes will guide you through the process.

Ask the Right Questions

You should always feel comfortable asking your home builder any question regarding the design and construction process. Although it is important to know the cost of your custom home and your expected move-in date, here are five other essential questions you can/should ask:

  1. How many years have you been in business?

You want to work with a home builder with a solid reputation. Camelot Homes has been in business for more than 45 years and is family-owned. We take pride in our personalized service and our team’s consistent attention to details. Before signing a contract with any home builder, do your research. You can also read our customers’ testimonials on our website, as well as see all the awards we have received for best design and products.

  1. Is there flexibility with the floor plan?

Are you having a semi-custom home built or full custom? With semi-custom, you may not have as much input and flexibility with the floor plan. If you have specific ideas about exactly how large the master closet must be or where the laundry room needs to be located, be sure to ask.

  1. What comes standard and what upgrades are available?

Every custom home has certain standard elements. This may be the particular grade of roofing materials, type of windows or particular brand of fixtures for the bathrooms. If you know you want a live edge countertop in the kitchen versus granite, then it’s important to ask your builder about the upgrades available during the planning stages.

  1. What is the inspection process?

Routine inspections are made throughout the home building process. Ask your builder for a list of inspections, including who will perform each and when. Also ask about what happens if something doesn’t pass inspection.

  1. What warranties are offered?

A new construction home comes with several warranties. Before beginning the process, ask what warranties are offered. Are there any extended warranties? How are warranty claims answered if there is a problem?

You will be sure to have many other questions, but these are a great starting point that will address many of your concerns. Let Camelot Homes answer these questions and any others you have about the custom home building process.

Call us today, we have your answers.