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How to Use Florals in a Modern Luxury Home

Natural décor is always in style. Floral prints, on the other hand, were considered passé until recently, when runway designers brought back the blossoms. In 2015, Louis Vuitton and Simon Rocha updated floral prints for the 21st century. The trend of bold, simplified botanicals migrated from runway to table as luxury linens, dinnerware and accessories appeared with these new patterns.

At Camelot Homes, we understand that your home should be timeless. Our fixtures, cabinetry and open layouts provide a solid foundation for trends that may come and go, such as floral patterns. Camelot’s neutral tones and high-end natural surfaces make it easy to effectively use botanicals in your decor. Here’s how:

Think Big

Modern florals are big and bold, as evidenced by Layne Kula’s update of a Denver, Colorado home for a concert pianist and her financial advisor husband. Featured in Elle Décor magazine, Kula’s design juxtaposes clean white walls and geometric prints with contrasting black-and-white floral wallpaper by Ellie Cashman. Bigger blossoms are also trendy on duvet covers and table settings such as this elegant rose dinnerware by Spode. The neutral hues of a Camelot home make big, bold prints a conversation piece, whether they’re on your walls, table or bed linens.

Go Tropical

Vogue tapped tropical prints as one of the hottest design trends of 2017. Unless you’re comfortable with your bedroom suite looking like a Tommy Bahama shirt, you might want to scale it down a bit here. Add a hibiscus print throw pillow to your great room couch, or place flower-shaped candlesticks on your dining table. Incorporate live bromeliads, an easy-care houseplant that provides a bright pop of tropical pink or orange.

Deck the Walls

Botanical artwork provides a quick update without the permanence of wallpaper. Opt for graphic prints or fun, textural items like the neutral, flower-inspired wall sculptures found in NFL offensive tackle Duane Brown’s bedroom. Luxury homeowners attracted to floral wallpaper can emphasize a vintage feel with subtle damask and fleur patterns, or use brighter, more modern Asian-influenced interpretations such as Perigold’s Kanoko print. With wallpaper, less is more. Install printed wallpaper on smaller accent walls for contrast, or tuck in private areas such as a walk-in wardrobe.

From botanical wallpaper and flower-shaped lamps to tabletop terrariums, designers and homeowners are finding creative ways to bring the outside indoors. There are appropriate options for every style and type of home; for example, live orchids in an ultra-modern kitchen or floral damask sheets to complement traditional mahogany bedroom furniture. By incorporating floral design in small doses, you can acknowledge the trend without sacrificing your home’s classic beauty.