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3 Hot Tile Trends That Will Last

Tile Trends

Tile is one of the most versatile materials in a luxury home. Tile comes in a seemingly endless variety of materials, from natural slate and travertine to glass and metal. Highly resistant to water, porcelain tile appears in kitchen backsplashes and in glass-encased shower stalls. It can be used as flooring throughout the home, in a single room or even on the back patio.

While some tile trends come and go, many remain timeless. At Camelot, we strive for the perfect balance of traditional and trendy in kitchens and bathrooms. Our luxury homes combine the hottest tile trends with elegant, durable materials and styles that can withstand the test of time. Here are three popular tile trends this year that are likely to last.

Unique Shapes

Rectangular floor tiles saw a huge popularity surge in the early part of the year, dominating design magazines and hardware store shelves. A grey stone finish beautifully complements modern furnishings; at the same time, many luxury homeowners have turned to wood-grain tiles as a more durable alternative to hardwood. In fact, wood-look tiles were named the #1 new tile trend by Daltile. The geometric possibilities don’t end with square and rectangular shapes, either. We’re seeing an increase in unusual shapes, from hexagonal wall and floor tiles to round penny tiles and iridescent “mermaid” pieces shaped like fish scales. The latter provides a strong focal point, the same way herringbone patterns and tile laid on the diagonal draws the eye.

Mix & Match

When it comes to bathroom design, one common school of thought was that tiles should be cohesive throughout the bathroom. That convention went out of fashion alongside the necessity of matching a woman’s purse, shoes and lipstick. While not every luxury homeowner is adventurous enough to alternate glossy and matte tiles on the same floor, you can easily combine multiple textures and shapes for a modern look. Incorporate colored accent tiles into a white backsplash, or use round tiles above traditional squares. It’s not uncommon for a modern bathroom to have three or four unique tile types; for example, rectangular ceramic flooring with white subway tiles in the shower and colored glass or marble accents.

Revamped Classics

According to the experts of This Old House, timeless designs are a wiser option than ultra-trendy tiles – especially if you plan on selling your home at some point. That’s where “evergreen” tile trends come into play. The glossy white subway tiles of the 1950s made a comeback in the new millennium, now existing as a “go-to” tile that’s both chic and classic. Natural stone tiles, once a staple of high-end design, are getting new life thanks to expanded shape options and finishes. High-gloss tile is popular in both kitchens and bathrooms, lending a classy sheen that works equally well with farmhouse or ultra-modern décor.

No matter how beautiful or on-trend your tile choices are, the most important thing to look for is quality. That’s why Camelot uses superior luxury materials that not only look good, but will last. Contact us today for more information on the tile options available at our luxury communities in Phoenix , Scottsdale and Fountain Hills.