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5 Benefits of Downsizing Your Home


The kids have grown up and left the nest, so now it’s just you and your partner. Or maybe you’re enjoying living life on your own. Either way, you’re looking around at your current home and wondering if you really need all that square footage.

You’re not alone. According to a recent survey, 60.6% of people living in homes larger than 2,000 square feet would prefer a smaller house.

Camelot’s Adero Villas community is an ideal place to downsize while maintaining your current standard of living. Located in beautiful Fountain Hills, just a few minutes from upscale restaurants and McDowell Mountain Regional Park, our patio homes include spa baths, gourmet kitchens, and all the amenities you’re used to in a luxury residence. Here are just a few of the other ways in which transitioning to a patio home can improve your lifestyle.

  1. Privacy and Sense of Community: Because Adero Villas is an exclusive, high-end luxury community, we don’t have hundreds of homes packed together on a single lot. This exclusivity means fewer neighbors, creating a welcoming environment for our residents. Adero Villas is also gated so you can maintain privacy. Our lots overlook the expansive desert vistas of Fountain Hills, with easy access to some of the area’s most scenic hiking trails.
  2. Lower Maintenance, Higher Savings: Larger homes require more time, effort and money to maintain. Think about the daily, weekly or monthly amounts associated with a large residence: pool maintenance, cleaning services, lawn care, landscaping, repairs, etc. While you may still have these fiscal responsibilities with a smaller home, the time it takes to complete each task is reduced. If you’re doing any of the work yourself, this can translate to time savings. If you’re outsourcing maintenance, it could potentially lower your costs. By reducing your home’s square footage and/or lot size, you could also potentially reduce the cost of your property taxes.
  3. High Standard of Living: Going down in size doesn’t mean giving up the amenities you’ve become accustomed to. Our luxury patio homes incorporate contemporary design elements and sleek, modern features (click here to view customization options), plus a massive amount of outdoor entertaining space to host family and friends. Sip a glass of Chardonnay on your patio overlooking the hills, or head into town for a gourmet dinner followed by a show at Fountain Hills Theater.
  4. Convenience: A recent Merrill Lynch survey found that more than half of retirees age 50 and older had moved or planned to move shortly. Not only is there less maintenance with a smaller home, it can be more convenient as you age. Adero Villas’ single-story patio homes are easy to navigate, and the reduced maintenance of a smaller home also makes it easier for active couples to travel more often.

It’s not necessarily about having less square footage – it’s about finding the perfect fit for your family’s active lifestyle. Call 602-694-2869 or visit Camelot Homes today to learn more about the luxury patio homes at Adero Villas.