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5 Old Décor Trends That Are New Again

Home trends come and go – and come back again. When it comes to colors, pattern and design, interior décor is a lot like fashion. Where bell bottoms and bright ‘80s colors saw a resurgence on the runway in the 2000s, hardwood flooring and tile saw a similar comeback in luxury homes. Here are five hot décor trends that are currently enjoying a renaissance in the luxury home market:

  1. Geometric patterns: 1960s style was all about shape and color. Geometric patterns were used throughout the home, from circular rugs and beds to overlapping squares and diamond patterns on linens and home accessories. Clean lines and bold pattern made the perfect home eye-catching without feeling cluttered. Mid-century modern design has made a big comeback in recent years, with retro touches like patterned rugs and subway tiles freshening up any luxury home.
  1. Greenery: Thankfully, the avocado green appliances of the ‘60s and ‘70s went out of fashion shortly afterwards, never to reappear. Green is, however, creeping back into home décor in an updated, chic way. Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year is Greenery, an earthy hue inspired by nature. This color is a great accent for neutral or white décor. Freshen up your great room with mossy throw pillows, or go all-natural with a chic living wall of plants (tip: faux vertical gardens can look just as nice without the hassle).

  1. Brass: Made by combining copper and zinc, this alloy was all the rage in the 80s. It died out with oak cabinets and laminate counters, but emerged again in recent years with a few subtle tweaks. Gone are the shiny fixtures and mirror finishes, replaced by antiqued brass accents that can work in fixtures, or as an accent piece such as a desk lamp or curtain finial.
  1. Attention to art: Artwork was once the centerpiece of a luxury home, with wall art showcasing a family’s wealth and tastes. That trend faded out in the late 20th century, with more attention placed on furnishings and surfaces. Today, a luxury home isn’t complete without unique artwork – and we’re not just talking about paintings. Marquee signs, airplane parts or geometric metal wall sculptures are just some of the contemporary wall trends that hold interest while updating the look of your luxury home.
  1. Area rugs: Remember shag carpet? High pile wall-to-wall carpeting is a thing of the past, a dated remnant from the time when carpet dominated flooring trends. However, many homeowners enjoyed the plush feel of shag. Enter the flokati, a shaggy Greek wool area rug for modern times. It’s sleeker and more luxurious than its dated predecessor, with a bouncy pile and natural fiber texture that feels good on bare feet.

Camelot has been building homes in the Phoenix area for over 45 years, so we’ve watched dozens of home trends come and go. While we design our luxury homes with the latest styles and preferences in mind, we also work to make the fixtures and features of your home timeless so that you can enjoy them for years to come. Contact us today for information on the homes and floorplans available at our luxury communities in Phoenix, Scottsdale and Fountain Hills.