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How to Add Home Automation

How to Add Home AutomationAt Camelot Homes, we want homeowners to enjoy their luxury home and not get bogged down with daily chores. But in today’s hectic world, this can be challenging. That’s where home automation comes in, which is specifically designed to make your life simpler so you can enjoy the good things in life.

What is Home Automation?

Home automation originated back in the early 20th century, and is a simple idea that a centralized system can manage the various functions of a living space. According to Safewise, “The earliest working prototypes of automated houses debuted in the 1930s at World’s Fairs in Chicago and New York City.”

But it wasn’t until the microcontroller was invented about 40 years later that working, affordable home automation developed further. Since the 1980s, the technology has continued to advance to make a futuristic home a reality for today’s homeowner.

Are you ready for home automation? Here are three tips for adding automation to your home to improve efficiency:

  1. Automate Daily Tasks

The home’s thermostat is a great place to start automating. A simple, programmable thermostat allows you to set a range of temperatures, hourly and/or daily, to help optimize your cooling and heating usage. According to the Department of Energy, you can save about 10 percent in energy costs every year just by using a programmable thermostat.

You can also automate lights. Most people use a traditional timer switch to turn on holiday lighting or a living room lamp, but automation takes this further. For example, the Belkin WeMo Switch and Motion Sensor can program the device to turn on the light when there is movement in the room (place the sensor at a higher level to avoid it being tripped by a pet). This is also a great device for your walk-in closet or for a guest room so that your overnight visitors never have to worry about fumbling in the dark.

  1. Consider a Smart Hub

Essentially, a smart hub serves as the brain for your automated home, integrating various smart tech into a single place that you can control with an app. This could include the thermostat, interior lighting, automated window shades, even the coffee maker and pool lights. You will not need to rewire your entire home for this type of automation. Instead, the smart hub uses your Wi-Fi to connect and communicate with the other devices.

  1. Install Digital Door Access/Lock Controller

Never worry about forgetting your keys and being locked out of your home again! With digital door access and a lock controller, you can remotely lock and unlock your home. The Insteon Lock Controller works from your smartphone, tablet or other device while you are away.

This comes in handy on a number of occasions. For example, if you forget your keys, simply unlock the door using your smartphone. Or if you are on vacation, you can unlock the front door remotely so your neighbor can water your plants or check-in on your pets. And if you were running late for work and forgot to lock your door, simply use the remote app to do so on your way to the office.

Home automation can help save time and energy so you can enjoy more of life’s pleasures hassle-free. Contact us today at Camelot Homes for more information on home automation or to build your custom luxury home.