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How to Design Your Luxury Garage

Luxury Garage

For many luxury homeowners, the garage serves multiple purposes. It protects your family vehicles from the elements and can showcase vintage or collector cars in pristine condition. Your garage can also double as a workshop, or provide storage for seasonal items and tools.

According to U.S. News & World Report, showroom garages are among the top 10 features that luxury homebuyers look for. Many of these high-income households have three or more vehicles, making larger garages a bigger draw. An additional garage bay can provide much needed storage space, plus room for an extra car when you’re having houseguests.

Size Matters

How much garage space is enough? That depends on several factors, including family size, number of household vehicles and need for storage space. As a rule of thumb, you’ll need one garage bay for each car, truck or SUV currently in your household. It’s also wise to leave extra space for motorcycles and hobby vehicles such as ATVs and Can-Ams, if you store them on-site. At Camelot Homes, many of our luxury communities have floorplans with 3+ garages, or options for an additional bay. The Etalon and Capall plans at our luxury White Horse community, for example, can include up to a 5-car garage. Homes at Gold Mountain Preserve accommodate 3- to 6-car garages. With this amount of square footage, you can easily have enough room for a workshop and tool storage, in addition to ample space for every vehicle in your family.

Design and Storage

Today’s luxury garages are customized for the homeowner. Interiors can be functional, with sleek wall cabinetry and overhead bins for storage, or designed to be as trendy and beautiful as your living areas. Consider how your garage will be used. Is it strictly for vehicle storage, or does your family have additional requirements such as a large tool corral or a dedicated spot for your Harley?

  • Flooring: While concrete flooring remains functional, more aesthetically pleasing versions such as stained, polished or stamped concrete can boost your garage’s appeal. Epoxy (with or without scattered color chips) is also durable, yet attractive. Some luxury homeowners choose decorative tile or rubberized mats in colorful patterns to highlight the beauty of their vehicles.
  • Storage solutions: Homeowners aren’t resigned to plain white or light wood cabinetry in the garage anymore. Custom cabinetry can be installed to match the décor of your home and provide the storage space you need. Other choices include hanging ceiling bins, open shelving for labeled bins, pegboards and more. Select storage options that align with your garage goals; for example, labeled bins for seasonal items or closed cabinetry for unsightly tools.

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