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How to Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets Like a Pro


Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is the centerpiece of your luxury home. It’s a gathering place for friends and family, a space where meals are cooked, lunches are prepped and holiday cookies are baked. While the kitchens in Camelot’s luxury homes are designed to have plenty of space for your gourmet cooking needs, that doesn’t necessarily equate to clean and uncluttered cabinets. With that in mind, here are a few tips to help you organize your kitchen cabinets like a pro.


The first step to organizing your kitchen cabinets is clearing away unnecessary items. You’ll need to go through every item that might normally be in your kitchen cabinets, whether it currently resides in a cabinet or drawer or is in storage/boxes.

  • Start by removing every item from your cabinets, drawers and/or boxes. Place everything in one central location, such as a table or counter.
  • Throw away any expired or unused spices and food items from your pantry. Rule of thumb: If you haven’t cooked with it in the last 3-6 months, toss it.
  • Throw away (or donate) any chipped, cracked or damaged pots, pans and household items.
  • Is that extra blender still in the box? What about that juicer you got during the cleanse fad? Do you really need 3 crock pots? Consider donating any unneeded small appliances and kitchen gadgets to a local charitable organization.
  • Do the same for silverware and kitchen tools. Anything that is damaged or worn out should be removed from the pile.


Once you’ve pared down your kitchen accessories, it’s time to start thinking about practicality. Plan where to place dishes, pots and pans, silverware, etc., before you start worrying about organization. Pots should be kept close to the stove for easy access, while glasses generally go in an overhead cabinet near the refrigerator. Map it out on paper, or use planning software to lay out what items go in each cabinet or drawer.


When it comes to your kitchen, organization begins before you put away your first dish. Non-customized cabinetry often does not make the best use of space, so you may need to add dividers or storage solutions to maximize its potential. The easiest option is to install custom-designed cabinetry to meet your needs, with additions such as divider inserts, wine racks, pull-out shelves, lazy susans and even pegboard racks. Need more storage? Consider adding an attractive pot rack over your kitchen island or installing magnetic knife racks like the ones found in gourmet restaurant kitchens.


Whatever your organization needs, there’s likely already an existing solution. Products such as plastic storage bins and cabinet racks are designed to add extra shelving to cabinets and pantries. Kitchen organization whizzes have also repurposed household items for use in the kitchen. For example, an office letter holder is the perfect size for holding pot lids. Spring tension curtain rods can be used to hang cleaning supplies under the sink, and magazine racks double as storage for cling-wrap and aluminum foil boxes. If you’re stuck, try browsing Pinterest or Real Simple’s list of smart storage tips for inspiration.


The final step in organizing your luxury home’s kitchen is placing every item in its new home. With your design map in hand and bins/shelves/cubbies in place, this is a great opportunity to have the kids help you with a household task. Have them place items such as metal pots and canned goods on lower shelves using the map, and “check” their work just to make sure it matches the plan.   

If you don’t have the time, or patience, to restructure your kitchen cabinets from A to Z, our design team partners can help you plan the perfect system for your family’s needs. Contact us online or at 480-367-4300 to learn more about designing and organizing the kitchen in your new luxury Camelot home.