Purchasing Manager Brad Devine Finds His Calling with Camelot Homes | Custom Built Houses | Camelot Homes

Purchasing Manager Brad Devine Finds His Calling with Camelot Homes | Custom Built Houses

Custom built housesWhen Brad Devine was a young boy, he dreamed of life as an architect. The idea of designing custom built houses sparked his imagination. But Brad’s childhood dream took a different turn. He went to college and majored in finance, hoping to have a long and lucrative career in the stock market.

But once again, life had other plans for Brad. While working in the mortgage industry, he was invited to have Sunday brunch with the president of a large home building firm. It led to a conversation that would alter Brad’s life and professional trajectory.

“We got to talking and he asked me to come in,” said Brad, who was subsequently hired to fill a position with the home builder’s company. A short time later, Brad was running the firm’s purchasing and architectural department.

It wasn’t an exact realization of his boyhood dream, but it was close. It was also his first step on a journey that would ultimately lead him to Camelot Homes.

Brad joined Camelot five months ago as Purchasing Manager. He manages a team that works closely with the Product Development department to lay the groundwork for custom built houses and their features and finishes—everything that goes into building a new home from the ground up. The team also negotiates with subcontractors and works tirelessly to find the right products and services at the best prices.

His favorite part of the job?

“The variety,” Brad said. “The fact that I’m involved with a project from the day we start looking at it all the way through the finish of the product. I get to work on all aspects of it.”

He also points out that purchasing is, in a sense, “the hub” of a home builder; it touches just about every part of the process.

“I enjoy that aspect of having my hands on everything,” he said.

When he’s not overseeing Camelot’s Purchasing Department, Brad enjoys time off with his wife and two sons at his home in Chandler. As a family man, he appreciates Camelot’s well-deserved reputation as a great, family-centric Arizona organization.

“Camelot Homes is a true family alliance business,” Brad added. “And this job is a perfect fit for me. I absolutely love it.”

Brad realized just how warm and welcoming Camelot Homes is when he celebrated his birthday shortly after coming on board.

“The outpouring of people wishing me happy birthday all day long and doing so many nice things for me during the day really moved me,” Brad shared. “I had never experienced that in any other work environment I have been in.”

Brad is excited to join the Camelot team and looks forward to helping Arizona residents fulfill their dreams by moving into luxury custom built houses by Camelot Homes. And Camelot is just as excited to welcome him to the family!