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Swimming Pool Design | Dream Homes

dream homes often have great custom swimming pools

Without a doubt, a relaxing swimming pool is a standard feature of most luxurious dream homes in the Valley. Many homeowners want a creative design that  seamlessly incorporates the surrounding landscape. The traditional rectangular swimming pool is perfectly acceptable, but the most exclusive properties are now including a wider variety of designs to add a touch of individuality. For an outdoor living space that truly reflects your unique sense of style, here are some design concepts that you might find rather appealing.

Infinity Swimming Pools

These vanishing-edge swimming pools have come a long way in recent years. Designers of infinity pools can create multi-tiered options that seemingly never end. There is even a 360-degree perimeter pool that cascades the overflowing water into a hidden trough y around the entire pool. The pool can be level with the surrounding deck or patio, or it can be slightly raised with the water running over the sides along a slanted stone wall.

Lagoon-Style Swimming Pools

One of the most creative design elements of lagoon-style swimming pools is that their construction can be in nearly any shape imaginable without an enormous additional expense. Lagoon-style swimming pools often include surrounding landscaping with lush greenery and unusual rock formations. For dream homes with smaller children, adding a water slide formed from piles of massive boulders can provide endless year-round fun while also helping your children remain healthy and physically active.

Fire and Water Features

Designers of luxury swimming pools can create just about any type of tropical illusion these days, including those with special fire elements that create a dramatic ambiance as breathtaking as the surrounding Sonoran Desert scenery. Cool, blue water cascading through gas-powered fire rings evokes a sense of opulence and sophistication that is often lacking in more traditional pool designs. With the proper construction materials, we can create the illusion of the water carrying the flame to other locations around the outdoor living space.

For homeowners who would like to renovate existing swimming pools, Camelot Homes can help you decide which options will work best with your current landscaping choices. Sometimes, even a simple remodel of the pool’s interior finishes can provide a totally new look and feel.