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Top 5 Home Remodeling Ideas that Create Space

luxury home remodeling ideasSometimes after moving into your ideal home, you discover that things can be even more perfect. Maybe you realize that your kitchen needs more counter or storage space, or that your backyard has untapped potential for better comfort and relaxation. Remodeling can be very daunting. But at Camelot Homes, we understand that homeowners’ needs and desires are constantly evolving. We are here to help by staying on top of current trends.

Here is a list of the top five remodeling ideas that create space and optimize your living space.

1. Archways

Removing a wall to create an open flow between rooms is an obvious solution for a more spacious feel. This also helps establish direct sight lines. But what if that particular wall is needed for structural integrity? It may be possible to still create the flow desired with an archway that will be both supportive and aesthetic. Archways are a staple in southwest architecture and a beautiful way to enhance space.

2. Built-Ins

Custom built-ins add style and storage space. Think twin built-ins that flank a fireplace to create a focal wall for a living room, or a classic china hutch built into a wall of the formal dining room. Floor-to-ceiling built-in bookcases in a home office or study also add elegance and space for not just books, but mementos, collections and artwork.

Knee-wall storage is also another option that can convert unused space in a wall into something special. Consider a recessed dresser in the guest bedroom or a set of drawers in an upper level hallway to store extra linens and pillows.

3. Sunroom

Our warm Arizona weather makes adding a sunroom a great way to add space to your home. A wall of sliding glass doors that leads to the sunroom keeps the space separate but easily accessible. The options for sunroom designs are numerous and can be customized to seamlessly blend with your home’s existing architecture.

4. Outdoor Kitchen and Living Space

Why not take advantage of your home’s outdoor living space? An outdoor kitchen with a dining table and comfortable seating is a great way to create additional living space for your luxury home. Outdoor ceiling fans over a covered patio or deck also keep the space cool, while patio heaters take the chill out of cool evenings. You may even consider setting up an outdoor home theater to host movie night for friends and neighbors.

5. Tray Ceilings

When adding a cathedral ceiling isn’t possible as part of a remodel, a tray ceiling has the potential to add a bit more height in a master bedroom or guest room to create a luxurious feel. Tray ceilings can also exude a more open, spacious feel and add architectural detail to any room.

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