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Top Four Home Décor Trends for 2017

2017 home décor trends

At Camelot Homes, we believe in staying on top of home décor trends in order to bring you the most beautiful luxury homes that fit your lifestyle and needs. If it’s time to update your luxury home or if you just want to explore fresh new looks, you might want to consider some of these top four home décor trends for 2017.

  1. Stainless Steel Stays Strong

According to People Home & Travel, stainless steel appliances for your kitchen are a trend that will stay strong throughout 2017. It is a top finish choice for appliances, especially refrigerators. Viking appliances offer high-quality refrigerators ranging from built-ins to free-standing, under-the-counter refrigeration, and specialty wine cellars.

  1. Fashionable Faux

Faux can be fashionable and fabulous when done right. Elle Décor has reported that fashionable home décor for 2017 is all about the right materials, including faux. These comprise, but are not limited to, engineered quartz for high-use countertops for an on-trend look, which is also incredibly functional. Engineered quartz is not only beautiful, but when compared to a marble countertop, is more heat resistant and doesn’t stain as easily. If you do not want faux, simply go with natural quartz or even granite, which is still a popular look for kitchens.

  1. Raw White

Elle Décor also has named “Raw White” as one of the top 2017 home décor trends. White marble tile in an entryway has always created an elegant look in a luxury home. This year, we are looking at more matte style of white — less high gloss with a more organic feel. This raw white is more chalky and closer to a bone white, and is perfect for backsplash tiles in the kitchen or for a classic pedestal sink in the guest bathroom.

  1. Adding Texture with Natural Materials

Although many interior design teams introduce texture into a room by using fabrics and accent pieces, the trending theme for 2017 is a more permanent design. Texture can be added to rooms through the use of materials like brick, natural stone and reclaimed, or living edge wood.


Update a living room by replacing a painted wood fireplace mantle with one that has a living edge. Also consider reclaimed wood to create a statement wall in the guest room or natural stone tiles in unique shapes to add visual interest to the home’s entranceway.

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