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Top Four Smart Home Gadgets

smart home gadgetsAs technology continues to advance at lightning speed, smart home gadgets are flooding the market like never before. These devices may appear complex, but are in fact effective in providing simple solutions to everyday problems. Our Camelot Homes team would like to help you find the best smart home gadgets that are perfect for your luxury home and lifestyle.

Here are our top four picks:

  1. Smart Speaker: Amazon Echo

Forbes lists voice-activated home assistants as one of the top home design trends for 2017. When looking to integrate the best smart home gadgets into your living space, consider the Amazon Echo. The Echo is a smart speaker with built-in, voice-activated home assistant known as “Alexa.” Although the Echo is a speaker that allows you to play your favorite music with ease, it is so much more.

Echo can tell you the morning headlines, stock report or scores from last night’s game, all while you make breakfast. Although you can easily flip through the newspaper or even download this information on your computer or phone, this gadget is voice-activated and provides immediate results. Simply ask and those stock reports are yours, no log-in or scrolling through data on your phone required. Echo can also turn on lights before you enter a room and turn them off when it’s time for bed. The device offers numerous options and applications for daily life.

  1. Control4

The Control4 is the ultimate smart gadget to control multiple smart devices in your home. This innovative equipment can integrate with nearly 10,000 different devices through its single and intuitive system. It can work with the Smart TV, lighting, thermostat, locks and more. Rely on this easy-to-use technology to manage a variety of brands from the Amazon Echo to Sony and Kwikset. All of the products sold through Camelot Homes can be controlled from a single Control4 remote or app.

  1. Doorbird

Developed by the Bird Home Automation Group located in San Francisco and Berlin, the Doorbird smart tech allows you to see and speak with visitors in front of your home without having to open the door or even be home. You can see and speak with a delivery person when you are at the office, out to lunch, or halfway around the world on vacation. The Doorbird’s 180-degree infrared motion sensor provides perfect visibility and can even set off an alarm if needed. This is a safe and convenient device rolled into one amazing smart gadget.

  1. Yale Real Living Door Locks

The Yale Real Living Door Lock secures your home using a high-tech electronic lock that allows you to enjoy the freedom and convenience of going keyless. You can visit neighbors and then simply rely on the backlit touchscreen keypad to reenter your home. With this keyless system, you no longer need to search for your keys before leaving the house or worry if you left them somewhere while running errands. This system is Grade 2 certified with a Yale lock—one of the oldest and most trusted names in locks offering the peace of mind you want and need. This device effortlessly integrates digital technology in your home without compromising your security.

You may also consider upgrading the Assure Lock with the Yale Network Module. It integrates seamlessly into many alarm and home automation systems, allowing you to enjoy practical smart home features plus remote access with the Control4 system.

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