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Window Covering Trends | Best Arizona Luxury Homes

Window covering trends are constantly evolving, and the best Arizona luxury homes are now leaning toward simplicity and minimalism. When considering how you will decorate your new home, you should focus on fresh, organic, simple, textured looks.

Camelot Homes understands that living in the Valley brings with it a certain sophistication, and therefore strives to provide an upscale foundation that blends well with organic materials, luxe fabrics and other fine home decor to keep in step with a more simplistic yet luxurious look and feel.

How to Get Started

The design for any room must always start with a focal point and a color palette that lends itself well to the motif you are considering. People who are searching for the best Arizona luxury homes don’t generally have many issues picturing a design and being able to envision their chosen decor until it comes to the window treatments.

Selecting the right window treatments seems to be the one area where room design turns into a challenge and seemingly a major expense. However, Camelot Homes can help you overcome that challenge with fresh new options you can choose to have included in your new home.

Overcoming the Window Treatment Challenge

Simplicity and minimalism are what you should focus on when it comes to choosing the best window treatments for your new home. Camelot Homes recognizes that the days of curtains, valances and custom cornices are long gone and will only distract from your new look. Therefore, it is best to stick with modern, organic materials, sleek lines and luxury fabrics when planning the look for your semi-custom home.

Woven Woods

There are a variety of organic materials and woven woods that blend well with the new upscale luxury designs. For example, woven shades made with bamboo or other fine woods are perfect for a simplistic, natural look. Woven shades also allow diffused light into your home without having to forfeit any privacy. Additionally, bamboo will add a hint of texture and style that is not only inspiring, but is also good for the environment.

Sleek Silhouettes

Designing your window treatments using sleek lines is what is currently trending for everything from your fabrics to the chrome hardware you’ve chosen for your new home. Moreover, using sleek silhouettes will make your windows look clean and contemporary. For example, silhouette window shadings combine the light you would get with a blind, but also give you the softness of a curtain using adjustable fabric vanes that are suspended between sheer fabric facings. And, the beauty of these is that the entire shade, once raised, is hidden behind the headrail.

Finding the best Arizona luxury homes doesn’t have to be hard. Contact us at Camelot Homes to build your semi-custom or custom luxury home, and we can show you a variety of upscale designs that you can customize to fit your personal taste and style.