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Your Vision

Comes to Life

Camelot Design Studio

You have a vision to make a home that’s perfect for your family, whether it’s growing larger or visiting often. Our Design Studio is at your service, providing inspiration and the most contemporary interior design practices. Curate an environment that instills a sense of peace and place, reflects your individualized taste and functions seamlessly as the setting for your day-to-day experience.

The Creative Process



As soon as you purchase, personalization begins. A sales associate guides you through which customization decisions are available to you.



During an appointment at our exclusive Design Studio, start coordinating the elements that will compose your home, from finishes to custom countertops.



A start order is prepared, and your sales associate will go over the selections for your new home with you to ensure everything is included.



This is your pre-closing inspection with your site manager. You’ll be able to make note of any adjustments necessary and familiarize yourself with the operation and maintenance of your home.



After you move in, the Camelot team will check in to address questions and make any necessary adjustments.