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3 Ways to Decorate Your Fireplace

In a luxury home, fireplaces are built for more than warmth. They provide visual interest, add to the character of your design and serve as a wintertime gathering place for friends and family. When it comes to decorating these often front-and-center spaces, buyers are faced with a multitude of options. To help you narrow down the possibilities, we’ve provided 3 unique ways to decorate your fireplace.

Add Built-Ins for Displays

Whether your Camelot home has a sleek, flush and modern fireplace or a traditional mantel, you’ll have limited display space in this area. One decorative photo frame, a candlestick or two and a mirror above the fireplace is enough to set the scene. However, luxury homeowners who collect rare books or small statuary may find themselves wishing for more display space.

Custom built-ins above or beside your fireplace provide additional display space while seamlessly blending with your décor. If your room is country cottage chic, look at adding white Craftsman-style shelves on either side of the fireplace. Modern homes, on the other hand, retain their crisp and clean look with sunken bookshelves or cabinets.

Turn Your Flat Screen into Wall Art

Many luxury homeowners prefer the sleek look of a cabinet or wall mount over an exposed television. In recent years, one of the more popular trends in living room and great room décor has been flush-mounting screens above a fireplace mantel. If you’re considering placing a flat-screen above your fireplace, select a TV that’s narrower than your fireplace surround. Screens can also be camouflaged in surrounds such as this mirrored cabinet from Pottery Barn or behind a beautiful piece of artwork that retracts with the click of a button. Sliding barn doors are also a clever and trendy way to hide television screens. This way, your media player serves as attractive wall art when not in use.

Mirror Your Décor

Large, geometric mirrors have become the interior decorators’ go-to for easy and beautiful luxury fireplace décor. Typically, a fireplace has up to four sets of vertical lines:

  • The exterior of the mantel
  • The interior borders of the mantel
  • The interior borders of the tile or marble surround
  • The innermost lines of the fireplace

Follow these lines when placing your mirror; the wider the fireplace, the larger the mirror. For example, you might place a large rectangular mirror (or 4 smaller mirrors in a square pattern) in line with the outer borders of your mantel if your room and fireplace are sizeable. For a smaller, modern fireplace with no mantel, a round mirror that reaches to the interior lines of the surround should suffice. Click here for HGTV Design Star Vern Yip’s advice on choosing the right mirror for your space.

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