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The Best Home Security Additions

Home Security Additions

The most important thing you can do in your luxury home isn’t decorating or remodeling. It’s ensuring your family – and their prized possessions – stay safe and sound. Having a basic security system is essential, but today’s technology goes even further. Here at Camelot, we work with homebuyers to provide top-notch security products that will help you rest easy. If you plan to upgrade your current system or purchase a new place, here are a few of the best security additions you can make to your luxury home.

Cameras with Intelligence

The first step in securing your home is setting up an alarm system with cameras. Cameras can be placed outside and inside your home to record potential threats, and to notify your monitoring company in the event of a possible break-in.

Camelot Homes utilize Visualint’s advanced intruder detection system. “They were designed by a United Kingdom-based security firm with over 20 years of experience in security and IT,” says Johnathan George, general manager at iWired in Scottsdale. “Basically, the entire city of London is under surveillance with camera systems that have built-in algorithms. Visualint uses that same technology.” Rather than waiting until a break-in happens, Visualint’s systems can be set up to notify you the minute an unknown vehicle pulls up next to your house.

The technology is so advanced that it can tell the difference between a UPS delivery truck and a nondescript van that could potentially be a criminal. “This takes security to the next level,” says George. “Most cameras wait until someone breaks in to notify someone. These systems identify potential threats.” If you choose to have your system monitored, your security company could warn off the criminal over a one-way microphone.

Biometrics vs. Codes

While big-budget action movies make it seem like every company is scanning their employees’ retinas or requiring fingerprints for entry, that technology isn’t mainstream yet. Unless you’re keeping state secrets or stuffing your mattress with cash at home, there’s probably no need for a biometric entry system. Instead, stick with a traditional Smart tech system that requires a simple 4-digit code for entry. Camelot uses the largest interactive security system in the country,, which has about four million users.

These systems:

  • Are unique to the individual, so every family member can have their own code
  • Can communicate with system remotely from smartphone
  • Interacts with other Smart tech in your home
  • Have multiple sensors throughout the house

The Bottom Line

If you are purchasing a new home for your family, it’s wise to install a security system to protect your investment. While some Smart home technology can be purchased in a store, homebuyers will often find the best deals through their builder. You’ll also avoid the inevitable solicitation emails or phone calls from providers. “The major benefit of using security products purchased through a homebuilder like Camelot is that they are made for commercial use, for that purpose,” George says. “Your data is not being collected on the back end to market unnecessary products and services to you, like with some thermostats or security systems you purchase in a store.”  The system builds intelligence that will help you stay more secure and save you money by making recommendations to remember to arm your home or adjust your thermostat settings.

For more information on alarm systems, cameras and other security tech in use at Camelot’s luxury communities, contact us today. We’d be happy to help you find the best protection for your home, and your family.