How will you invite the outdoors into your home this fall? | Camelot Homes

How will you invite the outdoors into your home this fall?


See which luxury home features suit your style.

As homebuilders in Phoenix and Scottsdale, we make sure that your windows, doors and walls help insulate you from the heat during the intensity of the warm months. But now that fall has arrived with its beautiful weather, these parts of your home can become the perfect way to connect the indoors with the outdoors.

No matter how you celebrate the season of plenty, there’s an indoor-outdoor feature for every side of your personality—from the social butterfly to the self-care maven. Get excited to turn off the A/C and let Mother Nature keep the house cool, because these four features let fresh air, guests and food move freely throughout the space.

#1: Folding kitchen windows, perfect for entertaining


When the windows are closed, you can enjoy the intimacy of your kitchen with a large and gorgeous backdrop of framed natural light. When it’s time to entertain, open the accordion windows to encourage conversation from the courtyard to the kitchen. Put the final touches on hors d’oeuvres, then turn to place the platter in front of your friends sitting outside along the high-top counter. Accept their compliments with the grace of a practiced host. In love with these windows and the social moments they create? Find them in our Equus plan at White Horse.

#2: The master bath of your dreams

Master Bath

It’s your choice: keep the doors closed and the steam in, or open the sliding double doors to let a soothing breeze float through this master bathroom, perhaps enjoying the sunset as you soak. Either way, you get a great view of your outdoor space and a chance to connect with nature. If you feel the stress lifting off you just looking at this picture, you may be interested in our Cheval plan at White Horse.

#3: Pull back the curtains; pull back the wall

Camelot Homes | Rear Exterior

Your friends are over, the game is on. Outside, the designated barbecuer is working their magic on the grill. You can smell the steaks from your seat on the couch. You’ve opened the accordion wall, to the ‘oohs’ and ‘wows’ and ‘can I move ins?’ of your guests. As you’re serving yourself at the grill, you can hear what’s happening on the flat screen, not missing a second of the action. When the night gets chilly, you pull the wall closed to keep the warmth and warm feelings in. If your finger’s already on the phone to see what your friends’ weekend plans are, the patio homes at Adero Villas are for you.

#4: An intimate interior-courtyard experience

Camelot Homes Courtyard

After a successful dinner party, it’s time for dessert and digestifs. You guide the group to your favorite place in the house to gather: the well-appointed interior courtyard. High walls provide a sense of seclusion while the night sky keeps the space feeling expansive. Lively conversation goes late into the evening, with the intimacy of the space bringing everyone closer together. If you enjoy lounging under the starts in privacy, then the courtyards at Gold Mountain Preserve are calling your name.

The use of large windows and open spaces in all Camelot Homes’ communities allows you to maintain a constant visual connection with your surroundings. The ability to open your luxury home and remove the barriers between you and nature is important not only aesthetically, but also for your sense of well-being. However you choose to interact with the outdoors, Camelot Homes has a solution perfect for you.

If you’re feeling ready to enhance your indoor-outdoor lifestyle with Camelot Homes, take a look at our offerings, from move-in ready houses to residences you can put your personal stamp on. See which of our Phoenix and Scottsdale communities are right for you.