Incorporating a Double Master Suite Into Your Dream House Floor Plan

When imagining the perfect dream house floor plan, many Americans are choosing to include double master suites in their custom home design. We are seeing this concept trend for homeowners nearing the age of 55. A master suite is a combination of a larger, more spacious master bedroom and a well-appointed master bath. When a home contains two of these master suites, resale values soar and the family gains increased flexibility when entertaining out-of-town guests. Meanwhile, the benefits far outweigh the minimal additional construction costs.
double master suite

The Alternate to a Mother-in-Law Suite

Several years ago, the typical dream house floor plan included a mother-in-law suite, which is an almost totally separate living space attached to the primary residence. These spaces would usually include a bedroom, a living room, a separate bath and ideally a second, small kitchen. However, homeowners are growing tired of paying for such a large amount of typically unused square footage. By choosing to include a second master suite located on the opposite side of the home, everyone achieves maximum privacy for a much lower cost.

Join the Trend

According to the National Association of Homebuilders, more than 60 percent of all new homes built today contain dual master bedrooms. Another study also shows that one in four married couples in America already sleep in separate rooms for any number of reasons, like conflicting work schedules or co-sleeping with a newborn. Designing your dream house floor plan with two master suites is a design choice well worth considering.

The Perfect Guest Room

Many homeowners in the Valley prefer to have a separate guest room always available for unexpected friends and family visiting from out of town. For families with college-age children, a second master suite can make their visit a great deal more enjoyable. After all, who wants to come home for a visit with Mom and Dad after living in their own apartment, only to be forced to share their old bedroom with their little brother or sister? If you have a second master suite, then you might just get more home visits from the older children.
A luxury home with double master suites is quickly becoming the new normal when designing and building luxury properties.