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Luxury Automakers Speed into Home Décor

The connection between luxury homes and high-end vehicles has always been strong. As auto enthusiasts browse for high-end homes to house their car collections, mega garages and other automotive accommodations top the list of amenities that buyers expect. For example, former Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney designed an 11,000-square-foot family residence with a bi-level four-car garage and PhantomPark car elevator, and Cardinals linebacker Charles Johnson’s new $3.7M Paradise Valley home includes an air-conditioned 5-car garage.

At Camelot Homes, many of our luxury floorplans include multi-car garages incorporating the latest trends in form and function. With new designer furnishings from Bentley and Ferrari, our home buyers can bring the opulent styling of European luxury cars into their interior décor as well. Far from being relegated to the “man cave,” these strikingly modern accoutrements fit well into any luxury home’s living room, bedroom or office.

Bentley Home   

Founded in 1919 London and later becoming a Volkswagen subsidiary, Bentley Motors is known for classic design and streamlined engineering. The company broke their previous annual sales record in 2016 with the introduction of the Bentayga, a luxury SUV that fast became the company’s top seller.

Their Bentley Home furnishings collection mimics the clean lines and diamond pattern of Bentley vehicles on pieces including the Richmond seating group, leather-leather-coated Harlow coffee tables and Canterbury bed. The Bentley logo is emblazoned throughout most of the line, and can be added to unmarked pieces such as the Madeley & Kendal table on request.

To create the pieces, Bentley partnered with Luxury Living Group, whose portfolio includes Fendi-, Trussardi- and Bugatti-inspired upscale home décor. While the company’s major showrooms are in iconic design cities such as New York, Paris and Milan, Bentley Home items can be ordered from Luxury Living in LA’s West Hollywood Design District.


The zenith of Italian luxury sports cars, Ferrari branded its first vehicle in 1947. The company later became known for its Formula One racing vehicles and sought-after speedsters such as the Ferrari 250 GTO, one of which topped the sales charts as the most expensive resale car in existence.

Ferrari established a design center in 2010. Designer Flavio Manzoni mainly oversees R&D for Ferrari interiors; however, the center branched out into the furnishings market when it teamed up with upholstery designer Poltrona Frau in 2017 to transform its signature racing seats into a workable office chair design. Dubbed “The Cockpit,” this leather chair is as attractive as it is ergonomic.

Naturally, it comes in standard Ferrari upholstery colors, as well as two models: the standard Executive and the President version. Install one in your home office to bring a touch of Ferrari power into your everyday space.

For buyers who desire workshops or designer showplaces for collector cars, Bentley and Ferrari’s accent pieces also fit well into any of the finished garages equipped with state-of-the-art technology at our gated communities. By incorporating licensed furnishings from the finest European auto manufacturers, you can represent your love of the road while maintaining the integrity of your home’s interior design. For more information on our luxury gated communities, contact Camelot Homes today.