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Luxury Home Builders with the Latest Trends

Home BuildersAt Camelot Homes, we know you want your home to look luxurious and updated with the latest trends. As your expert Arizona luxury home builders, we have our finger on the pulse of the latest home improvement and design trends.

Here are six top trends we recommend:

  1. 3-D Tiles

Three-dimensional tiles are an emerging trend ideal for an accent wall, backsplash in the kitchen or in the shower. According to Building, Design, & Construction, “Fitting these tiles together creates a three dimensional wall with a seamless sculpted surface that draws the eye.”

  1. LED Lighting

Especially in the kitchen, look for LED lighting as an accent under the cabinets or as a way to highlight shelving. In addition to its decorative look, LED lighting is also an eco-friendly feature that is ideal for making your home more green. LEDs also use about 75 percent less energy and will save you money on your next electricity bill.

  1. Oversized Showers

Luxurious, oversized showers have gained popularity with home improvement upgrades. This is a design trend that incorporates dual or multiple shower heads and stunning expanses of glass for a modern look.

  1. Bathtub Redesigns

Say goodbye to the traditional shower/bath combo and hello to the newest models of bathtubs. The trendiest bathtubs are separate from the shower and are eye-catching because of their shape and material. Look for tubs that are round and made of wood or other organic materials.

  1. Specialty Storage

Whether it’s extra deep drawers in the kitchen ideal for pots and pans or built-ins in the bedroom, homeowners are opting for specialty storage that caters to their way of life. Some examples include open shelves in the kitchen’s center island and custom shelving in the laundry room.

For more than 45 years, Camelot Homes has been the luxury home builder that Valley residents have trusted for the best in luxury home design. Contact us today to explore the latest trends in luxury home building.