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Luxury Home Communities Bloom with Desert Plants

Luxury Home Communities Bloom with Desert PlantsStroll through the luxury home communities of Camelot Homes in the Valley and you will discover beautiful landscape designs that captivate your eyes and imagination.

In Arizona, homeowners can take advantage of many unique plants to create stunning looks for their outdoor living spaces. Camelot Homes works with some of the Southwest’s most reputable landscape architects to make your outdoor living space special and unforgettable.

Benefits of Southwest Desert Plants

Plants, shrubs and trees native to the desert, and in particular to Arizona, add beauty to your home’s landscape design. But they also offer many benefits:

  • Once established, most desert plants require minimal water, ideal for our dry environment and great for your water bill.
  • Native plants adapt more readily to local soil.
  • Native plants can be more environmentally friendly, providing a habitat and even food for local wildlife, especially bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.

Choosing Desert Plants

When working with a landscape architect, consider a variety of plants to create visual diversity throughout the design. You can mix and match succulents with ornamental grasses and also include ground cover plants such as the creeping germander in walkways and other areas.

A few plants to consider include:

Anacacho Orchid Tree. This is a great patio tree that blooms from spring to summer with either white or pink flowers. It loves full sun but will do fine in partial sun, especially on the patio. It requires low water and minimal maintenance.

Nodding Onion. This plant’s distinctive flowers look beautiful gracing the front of any home with its lilac-pink blooms delicately hanging from its tall stem. This plant grows from 12 to 18 inches in height. Its flowers provide essential nectar for local bees, making this a great environmental choice.

The Nodding Onion loves full sun and does well in gravelly soil. It also attracts both hummingbirds and butterflies, so consider planting one near a picture window or patio.

Parry’s Agave. One of the Southwest’s most popular succulents to be used in home landscaping designs, Parry’s Agave blooms in the summer with brilliant yellow flowers and grows to be about two feet tall by two feet wide. It has low water needs, but thrives best in full sun.

Blue Yucca. Another succulent, Blue Yucca, is a lovely addition to luxury home communities. This is a distinctive native plant that always looks gorgeous. It flowers in spring with white blooming clusters forming on its tall stalks. This plant also loves the sun and can grow up to 12 feet in height with a five-foot diameter. If you are adding it to your landscape, make sure it has room to bloom.

When you are looking for luxury home communities in Arizona with beautiful native plant landscaping, look to the team at Camelot Homes. Contact us to help you discover your dream home, complete with stunning outdoor living spaces.