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Luxury Home Office Designs for Maximum Productivity

More people than ever are working from home. In fact, 24% of Americans reported working from home sometime during the year in 2015 – whether it was just a few hours here and there or they maintain a fully remote workspace – and the numbers have only risen since then. If you’re looking to build a home office in your Camelot home, here are some luxury home office design ideas for maximum productivity.

  1. Set aside a dedicated space: With kids, spouses and pets at home, it can be difficult to get the peace and quiet you need to get your work done. Even if you opt to occasionally bring your laptop to the dining room table or living room sofa, it’s important to have a dedicated office space set aside just for work. If you have family home while you’re working, make a house rule that they should knock before entering, or not disturb you between set times except for emergencies.
  1. Emphasize the “luxury” in your luxury design: There’s no reason for modern home offices to be cold, sterile or boring. The design scheme of your home should blend with that of your home office space. Try installing luxe patterned wallpaper like the sleek black-and-gold geometric print featured in a Houzz home giveaway. Avoid clunky rolling office chairs and traditional task desks in favor of more upscale furnishings. Select a luxury desk that embodies your personal taste, and be sure to incorporate a few comfortable yet chic armchairs if clients, employees or co-workers will be visiting.
  1. Avoid distractions (especially technological ones): It can be tempting to add a big-screen TV or gaming system to your home office. For many homeowners, their office doubles as a place of respite where they can retreat to relax. However, technologies that aren’t required for work can pose an undue distraction and make it difficult to get your work done. If you’re set on having extra electronics and furniture for off-duty relaxation in your luxury home office, place your work desk so that TVs and game players aren’t visible.
  1. Choose storage solutions that work for you: While some luxury homeowners can get by with a few shelves and portable totes like these options from The Container Store, others require more innovative and extensive solutions. Stack modular shelves or mid-century style storage units together for a polished library look, or consider custom cabinetry if you want to keep any clutter behind closed doors.
  1. Evaluate Your Ergonomics: Discomfort in your home office can really sabotage your productivity. Consider how each piece functions when you make purchases and follow occupational health tips like those found in this Forbes magazine article.
  • Arrange lights to shine away from your monitor/desk.
  • Use an anti-fatigue mat or footrest.
  • Choose a desk chair that rotates fully and bounces or rocks.
  • Consider a hybrid sit-stand desk.
  • Use a wrist rest, anti-glare screen protector and other ergonomic tools.

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