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Remodeling Your Bathroom Like a Spa Resort

resort-style bathroomEveryone dreams of having a spa-like bathroom inspired by their favorite luxury hotel or spa. At Camelot Homes, we know how to create a resort-style spa bathroom that is perfect for all your needs and desires.

Whether you are building a new home or remodeling, consider these must-haves for your luxury bathroom oasis:

Natural Materials

Choosing the right materials for your luxury spa-inspired bathroom is very important in creating the right look. Natural materials like marble, granite, and limestone add elegance to a bathroom. Other natural materials like teak and river rock also create an organic feel while maintaining a high-end design. Marble tiles are also a great choice for the floor and shower walls. A high quality marble slab for the counter is another fabulous option.

Granite also provides a high-end look while offering homeowners an array of color choices for tiles or counter surfaces. Teak wood adds warmth and beauty, and is beautiful as the accent material around a soaking tub, shower floor, or as the primary material for an en suite sauna. Pair a live-edge teak counter with a natural stone sink for a stunning and unique look.

Oversized Bathtubs

A resort-style bathroom isn’t complete without a luxury tub. Add an oversized or two-person free-standing bathtub that combines beauty and function. Sculpted bathtubs can be found in numerous shapes, sizes and materials. You can choose a vintage claw-foot tub with modern whirlpool jets or a double-ended tub that offers water depth of more than one foot.

Walk-in Showers

Nothing says luxury like a glass walk-in shower with a frameless door to present a continuous and open feel. This way, you can start every day with a spa-like shower. A walk-in shower with multiple body sprays, rainfall shower heads, and lighting will energize you. And for days you want to purely unwind, consider adding a steam shower. This is the perfect antidote to a long, stressful day.

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