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Top Water Features for Your Garden

garden design ideasThe natural Arizona landscape creates a gorgeous backdrop for your luxury home. But it takes inspired garden design ideas to take your outdoor living space to the next level. At Camelot Homes, we know you want your outdoor living area to be as beautiful as your home’s interior. With the right water features, you can transform any garden to a stunning retreat.

Water Sculptures

Commission an original water sculpture for your garden and enjoy a bespoke piece that will be an eye-catching feature. An artist can create a piece that is unique and perfectly fitting for your personal home garden. Whether the sculpture materials are metals or natural stones, the flowing water combined with a visually intriguing shape will add something special to your garden.

Tranquility Ponds

Like an oasis in the desert landscape, a tranquility pond offers lush greenery and the soothing sound of flowing water. The tranquility pond is a great way to add exotic plants with bold colors to your garden, even in the dry heat of Arizona. Pond plants like water lilies, lotus flowers and tropical cannas all add color and beauty to the garden. You may also consider adding fish like koi or gourami.


Throughout history, the fountain has been a popular choice for a home garden water feature. From ornately hand-carved fountains to contemporary designs that incorporate dramatic lighting and even sound effects, fountains are the perfect addition to an outdoor living space. Fountains come in all sizes and designs, making it easy to choose one that perfectly suits your aesthetic preferences. 

Waterfall Walls

Although waterfalls can be added to a garden with stones artfully placed to allow water to cascade down and into a pond, a waterfall wall is something very unique. A waterfall wall can be a focal feature for the garden and outdoor living space. This often incorporates natural stones that form a freestanding wall. Water then cascades down the wall, creating a tranquil feature for any garden size.

Water features of all types can be customized to perfectly decorate your garden and backyard living space. From a simple pond with river rocks to a handcrafted water sculpture, water features add immeasurable beauty to your luxury home’s exterior.

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